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editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Crete [+ lights!]
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: It's pronounced "Go-get-some!"

Heads up on this park - the locals love it. Ask around the Vancouver area a bit and you'll hear it over and over: "Go to Coquitlam - that place is rad!"

It's a great park, all right. Not too big, but packed full w/ tons of terrain for all types of riders, it's no wonder its the flavor of choice for a bunch of BC riders. In fact, word on the street is that butter-smooth Rick McCrank hits up this park fairly often. Check out the pics below - we did a pretty good job of covering this park, despite some May showers that sent us running back to our hoopty ride.

If you're headed over that way, there are a gang of other spots to hit up while you're in the area: NorVAN has Seylynn, Griffin, and the newly completed Parkgate [that park is rad!] to check out. To the south, there are good parks in Brookswood, Whiterock, and Richmond. Finally - if you've got anymore gas in the tank or pop in your ollie - the brand new meatgrinder over at Hastings will surely finish you off!

Directions: From Vancouver, take Hastings Street east to Highway 1. Take HWY 1 east to Highway 7 [Lougheed HWY] north. Highway 7 will turn into Pinetree Way. Continue northbound and pass through the Guildford Way/Pinetree Way intersection. On the right is Town Centre Park with a lake. Make a right [east] on Pinewood Avenue and find a parking spot. The skatepark is just north of the lake.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The light is a little
flat in this shot, but
there she is - Coquitlam -
in all her glory. The spine,
which is hard to see, is in the
middle of the shot above the fun

^ Pretty sure this kid's
name is Kevin Percival...
he's so high up it freaks
me out a little!

^ Kevin again w/
a little less air
but w/ miles of style...

^ Ed Pears here on
the indi. He's got
a kicker flyout to
5-foot high hardflip
that we saw but failed
to get on film - stupid,
stupid, stupid!

^ Joesph Leitch thought
you might be hungry
when he served up the
roast beefy airtime

^ Yes! Lights! We
saw 'em come on
right at dusk...

^ Here's that spine,
double u-bowl set up

^ A lot of options
off the bulkhead

^ Joe again w/
roast beef to
your head

^ Fun, fun, fun
on the boxes...

^ Jake Berlin - of
the New Brunswick/
Grand Falls "Berlins" -
w/ melon style

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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