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editor's note:
"Crack Pipe"

PARK IS CLOSED: Check this out...

"The "crack pipe" is closed... bummer."

- Graham: Mar '04

Somewhere in Vancouver BC is one hellish mini ramp - the Crack Pipe.

The ramp is covered w/ "ESD" and other hand-illustrated stains of culture, including little "swords" and stuff. We asked what that was all about and this is what we heard...

"The Daggers? That's for 'East Side Daggers'... Lately we've been thinking about changing that 'E' to a 'G.' Then it would be 'GSD' and 'Get Shit Done.' Too much talk around here... we're here to get shit done."

- ESD: May '02

The Crack Pipe - as most local skaters call it - is not your typical skatepark. It's also NOT a substitute for daycare, that's for sure. In fact we give it a solid "Rated R" classification. If you're sensitive, go someplace else. Oh, and another thing, if you're not a skateboarder - just forget you ever heard about this place! I think it's safe to say, this place is boards only.

If you ARE a skateboarder, ask around... you'll find this spot pretty fast. With a little luck, some street sense, and $5 Canadian for admission, you can ride for as long as you want. In a two hour period, you might see 10 guys in there - taking turns and just generally killin' it! NOFX might come rumbling out of a ghetto blaster. A pit bull might tear ass across the ramp... real and raw and ready, this place kicks ass.

Directions: It's easy, just find the street it's on and look for the big sign that says "Crack Pipe." Yeah. Like they really have a sign that says "Crack Pipe." Sure. Look for THAT sign... ha ha.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Big ramp? Yeah. I'd describe
the Crack Pipe as 4 ft to
6 ft high [various sections], with
an 8 ft extension [3 ft of vert],
a couple of gnarly wall rides,
butter coping, and a few quirky
features for extra spice!

^ All the vert on
this ramp means
screamin' speed lines!

^ Bro sessions
turn up the heat
- you're gonna want
to push it!

^ Those Ipath kicks
are cool, but this
dude could bust bangin'
ollies in flip-flops!

^ Coming out of the
6 ft sections into the
4 ft sections, you can
hit a 5-oh like this
doing an easy 100 mi
per hour...

^ No kinks, no BMX
damage, no hangups...
more uninterupted speed
than a Japanese super-train.

^ Not exactly Tony
Hawk and Mountain
Dew, is it?

^ Okay, the coping
is just that. The
pipe he's transfering
to, is just part of the
building... SWEET ramp!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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