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editor's note:
Gibsons Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Asphalt
* Free
* Trannie
* Rating: "The old school bowl"

UPDATE: New news on the ole' Gibsons scene...

"Last night we (the skaters in town) met with Newline Skateparks [604.882.0605] and finalized the upcoming new design for our skatepark [see below for 3D model]. Plans say it will be done early summer '04... the snakerun is being demolished to use the existing drainage and excavation for the new bowl, keeps the cost down without going over budget."

- Graham Hartley: Jan '04
  Graveyard Skates

Heading northwest up the Strait of Georgia from Vancouver Canada, you might happen to notice a town called Gibsons off the starboard rail [the right side].

Well, it seems our friend Erin Baxter has some photos and first-hand evidence of the locals in Gibsons riding yet another Canadian snakerun. We can add this one to a list that includes Griffin, Seylynn, Whistler, and White Rock. I'm sure there are others...

Directions: To get there from the Vancouver area, you'll probably have to take a ferry from West Vancouver. Once you're in Gibsons, just go to Graveyard Skates - they'll tell ya where the park is. The town only has about 4,000 people living in it - you'll find it.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Here's a 3D model of the
new design going in at the
Gibsons skatepark
[Model: Newline Skateparks]

^ Shopping cart carnage
[Photo: Erin Baxter -
Rider: Josh Mcaffee]

^ Midnight Melon
[Photo: Erin Baxter -
Rider: Graham Hartley]

^ Soft-serve, coping-free,
rolling mania in Gibsons
[Photo: Erin Baxter - Rider: Graham Hartley]

^ Once you get the hang of these
spots, airtime is yours for the taking
[Photo: Erin Baxter - Rider: Jamie Swann]

^ ...after all, this is where the
expression "Canadian Flyout" comes from
[Photo: Erin Baxter - Rider: Brock MacInnes]

^ Those Baker Brats have some
competition, now, boeeey!
[Photo: Erin Baxter - Rider: Aiden Swann]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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