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* Rating: Big and deadly like your momma

This here's an uppity-updated [Jul '01] review of the brand spankin' new Hastings skatepark in Vancouver - designed by Spectrum Skateparks [604.986.5683].

We're gonna call this review a "collaborative" effort of the SK8parkLIST staff and friend of the site - Mr Jay Balmer. Originally, all the pics we had came from Jay. Since then we've been there ourselves [TWICE - long live the ROAD TRIP!] and checked it out first hand... good lord!

The park is down right humungous. It's no coincidence the park is located next to the Pacific Coliseum - home of the ridiculously fun Slam City Jam each year in May. They opened up the festivities this year with morning bowl sessions by pros, outta-towners, and burly locs. It was gnarly. Be sure to check our Shiteo™ clips below for some ani-motion samplings.

Now we'd like to pass the mic to Jay, and hear a little first hand know-how on the dealio w/ this place:

"4' to 6' to 8' to 11' bowl and a hidden adventure park. Inspired by Marseille, Lincoln City and Alex Chalmers. Thanks to Alex [Chalmers] who played a jedi mind trick on the guard and opened the park for a day on February 11th ['01]. The mini black and white photos were taken during that session."

- Jay Balmer

Wow... that list of inspiring factors is seriously big time. Looking at these pics, it looks like it's a little more Marseille than Lincoln City - just generally a bad ass Canadian bruiser. Props out to park designers and BC heavyweights Spectrum Skatepark Creations [250.238.0140] for this work of art...

For more BC skateables, check out the snake runs at Whistler, Griffin and Seylynn. You've got more bowls at Aldergrove and Parkgate - although they're much more reasonable than this place. There's a "newer" ['02] park in Kirkstone, over in NorVan. Closer to Hastings you've got China Creek, Leeside, and Coquitlam.

Directions: "From downtown Vancouver, head east on Hastings and turn left on Renfrew. The park is on the right, beside the Italian Gardens, right beside the Pacific Coliseum where Slam City Jam goes down each year." - Balmer.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Damn... impressive, isn't it?
Giving Oregon's parks a little
competition, check out Hastings
- scroll right/left to see the
whole thing [Photo: Jay Balmer]

^ Ben Khran in a kick-ass skatepark moment
[Slam City - Bowl Jam, 2002]

^ SHITEO!: Brian
Patch killin' it
[Slam '02]

^ Just another Aaron
"Double A" Astorga
poster-shot from
the deep end at
Hastings [Slam '02]

^ SHITEO!: Mr Patch
getting a little
more technical on
this frontside air
to 5-oh [Slam '02]

^ Is this one of OUR shots?!?
Rune Glifberg also had a sweet
bs kickflip on the wall in the
background... [Slam '02]

^ One last shot of
Brian launching out
of 11 frightening ft
of concrete [Slam '02]

^ SHITEO: Unknown
daredevil hucking a
big and burly 360
over the spine...
he can land this
trick, but here's a
REAL close one that
went ALMOST all the
way!!! [Slam '02]

^ This guy was one of
the judges for the main
that took
place in the PNE
[Slam '02]

^ Park layout
- submitted by Jay Balmer

SLAM kicked off
w/ some outdoor
bowl beatings...
[Slam '01]

^ "Here is a photo of
some huge air at Hastings."
[Photo: Martin Verigin]

^ SHITEO!: Andy Mac
was boosting off this
place as the rain
began to fall...
[Slam '01]

^ I poached this clip
from the Westender...
The riders are Jim Barnum [rt]
and - uh! - Jay Balmer himself [lt].
[Photo: Doug Shanks]

^ DEEP! Honestly, you
might not be ready for
this bad boy...

^ This is the
"shallow" end - ha!

^ Here's a view
from over top of the
deep end...

^ Kinda like getting your ass
kicked by a woman... lots of
hits and hips and lips.

^ Here's the "beginner"
area... kinda behind
and below the main bowl

^ And *this* clip
- which I poached
from The Province -
[yep, I poached my ass
off] is of Ryan Sheckler
in the "beginner" area...
[Photo: Ric Ernst]

^ Here's a view
from the other side
of the beginner area.
See that "Major
Dave" shout out on
the ground in front...

^ Little pics - submitted
by Mr Balmer - that he shot
with his *watch*!?!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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