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editor's note:
New Westminster

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street [barely]
* Rating: Killin' yourself w/ a spoon

With the exception of a couple of ledges, the skatepark in New Westminster doesn't have any "sharp edges." Try as you might, you'll never "put your eye out" at New Westminster. You could knock a couple of teeth out maybe, but you'll never get a paper cut in this town. Nope, all you got here is the flow-flow a go-go.

If it were up to me, I'd never build a park like this. I mean, I'm down for flow, but how about a little coping for godsakes. Or maybe some true quarter pipes!?! It's not only not a great hessian park, it's a sorry ass tech park. Nary a rail in sight. On the other hand, it doesn't look like it was trying to be anything but a simple little flowism...

Looking at NewWest in the context of BeeCee's bigger and better parks, you could say that it's an even more watered down, snakerun-like park than Griffin. If you like the flow-flow, you could also check out Seylynn, Whiterock, and Whistler. But if you hate the "soft-core" style parks, and maybe you're into the tech-tech, check Richmond or Brookswood. Finally, if you like flow but coping is mandatory, check out Aldergrove, Parkgate or Hastings.

Directions: From Surrey, get on the King George Highway and head north across the Pattullo Bridge. When you cross over the bridge, the street name will change to McBride Boulevard. Make a left [southwest] onto 6th Avenue and follow it to 6th Street... the skatepark is behind New Westminster High School, between 8th and 10th Avenue.

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^ Here's a DIY
panoramic of old
New Westminster
[You might have to
scroll to see the
whole image]

^ One of just
a couple of tech

^ There's a lot
of good graffiti
at this park

^ Okay, the kicker
does look like fun

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