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editor's note:
Parkgate Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Koncrete Freedom!"

To borrow an analogy from one of those mainstream sports - Parkgate is a homerun. Other than making it about 10x as big, they did everything right in the space they had.

To begin w/, that bowl is killer. It's not as gnar-gnar as Hastings, but it's totally worth the trip out there. They've got a small, but workable street course. No pads required!!! Lights!!! No locked fences or "prison" aesthetics!!! Cool shade in the afternoon... perfect, perfect, perfect! It's parks like this one that make me wish I was Canadian.

Big props out to Jim and Spectrum Skateparks [604.986.5683] for the design!

In addition to the aforementioned Hastings, other local rides include the snakeruns in Griffin and Seylynn - both in NorVan. Back in Vancouver proper, we could recommend the sick rides in Coquitlam. Finally, Whistler has a funky, sprawling outta-control kill park too [also has a *big* snake run].

Directions: From Vancouver take Highway 1 north across the Second Narrows Bridge to North Vancouver. Exit at Mt. Seymour Parkway and head east. Then make a left [north] onto Mt. Seymour Road. Take the first left off of Mt. Seymour Rd. into the Park Gate Community Centre and park. The skatepark is in the southwest corner of the Community Centre tucked behind some of the buildings... go hurt yourself and send us some pics!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ She's not that big, but
Parkgate is a pound
for pound contender

^ Tech-tech!

^ Scottish hero
John Rattray w/
a big fs air from
one of the hips

^ Funky, creative,
and well built

^ Mark warns you about this place
being "over-run by BMX'ers" - we'd
like to add that the waterfall
leading into that bowl will kick
your ASS if you're not careful!
[Photo: Mark Findler]

^ We "photoshopped" this
one to death... but you
get the point. That's a
clever addition that kinda
says it all. It's not only
cool, the top surfaces are
fully skateable marble ledges.

^ John again, with
a blurry air transfer.
Score another one for
"The Motherland."

^ Good job Parkgate!

^ Big flood lights...
they popped on right
on que at about 8 the
night we were there

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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