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editor's note:
Replay Skatepark

As of May '02 this park no longer exists...

"Yo! The Replay skatepark is dead, plz update!"

Doomsday: May '02

...we hear that they're working on opening up in a new location. The phone number should still work, call for details: 604.859.JUMP.

Canada gets some gnarly weather in the winter. Weird thing is, almost all their parks are outdoors. Hum? All that trannie underwater. Sucks. Damn! The good news is, that in addition to the Cambie St. Bridge and ole Leeside in Vancouver, another rainy day hideout is just a car ride away in Abbotsford - check out Replay skatepark.

Replay owns a couple of boardshops y'all are probably familiar with. The skatepark thing is not their main gig. In fact, it's ONLY open when it's wet outside. Perfect timing for a province w/ more grindable concrete than a gravel yard.

I could also add a little plug for a Vancouver video coming out in Spring '02 - The Substance. Jarvis Nigelsky helped us hook up these photos, and he wanted get the word out on this upcoming video production. Stay tuned for that!

Directions: Abbotsford is about ten miles east of Langley. Take Highway 1 to Exit 90, and head north up McCallum Road. Turn right onto Canon Avenue. Make another right onto South Frasier Way. The skatepark is a little way down S. Frasier Way on the right.

Homeboy Bryan Sim says that "even though the street is still called 'South Fraser Way', you are actually looking for a side street. When you come out of the 'forest' area, look immediately to your right to find the little side road. It's down that road in the industrial warehouse area - pretty much as far as you can go." Thanks Bryan!

If you have better directions let us know. Also, definitely CALL before you head over - 604.859.JUMP!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ More than just a boardshop,
Replay has a skatepark, too!

^ Looking past that flat rail,
I think I see a mini-ramp, all
tucked into the darkness like that.
[Photo: Jarvis Nigelsky]

^ More railables + ledgy deal
[Photo: Jarvis Nigelsky]

^ Take your skills to the bank!
Look at that maple leaf pride runnin'
wild in this park - yeah!
[Photo: Jarvis Nigelsky]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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