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* Outdoor: 'Crete / 'Sphalt
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Rich bitch

Ahhhh, another truly famous Canadian ride... Richmond is a British Columbian staple in the skatepark world.

The park's most commonly captured feature - at least in the magazines/videos - is the fun box w/ the rail on it. SLAM videos, Canadian tours, and my personal favorite, the SkateCanada videos, feature North-North American talent just killin' this place. In addition to the fun boxes and the ample rails, there's a bucket of various trannie features to conquer including a biggie spine and a bunker full of kicker ramps and banks.

The whole skate scene in BC reminds me of that one punk song: "I'm proud - to be - a Canadian!" If you're stoked on your skills and you've got some pics for us, we'd be glad to make you famous - just send in the footy!

Other cool rides are moments away in places like Whiterock, Aldergrove, Brookswood, Parkgate, Seylynn, Hastings, and many more.

Directions: From Vancouver take Marine Drive southwest to the Arthur Laing Bridge. Cross the bridge and turn off onto Russ Baker Way headed south. Stay on Russ Baker Way and cross over #2 Road Bridge. Make a right [west] on River Road. The park is almost immediately on the left. If you drive past Lynas Lane then you have gone too far.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Lots of sessions on this
famous little fun box in

^ "This is me doing a
kickflip at Richmond
park before 7:00 am
back in '99..." -
[Rider: Ed Warner, CO
- USA]

^ There you go,
rail dogs...

^ Swiss army knife
of options in the
back of the park

^ The spine has two
sections - a coping
to coping section
and a section w/
about 2 ft of deck
before you hit the
other side...

^ Submit dem pics!

^ Whiterock has a
section like this...

^ Submit dem pics!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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