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editor's note:
SlamCityJam '00 - Course coverage

| course | pros 1 | pros 2 | <--* check it out
* Indoor: wood / concrete
* Pro Competition
* Vert + Street
* Rating: Mo' kick ass than a six-er of Molsen, ehh.

Ah j'eah !!! SlamCityJam featured the "7th Annual North American Skateboard Championships". Dopeness, what a great time. Hosted in Vancouver Canada, this event is a road trip waiting to happen. If you didn't make it this year, check out the pics on the next 3 pages to catch up. And about next year, you gotta go.

The event had a sic course [street and vert], a small army of skateboarding's best, live music, vendors, an art showcase, a skater's lounge, a nutty crowd, and intense competition for pro men, the ladies, and some lucky ams. 3 days of slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am.

When you make it up there, be sure to check the local skate parks like China Creek, Griffin, and especially Seylynn - that place rocks. If you're a Vancouver Loc [Nor-Van-ers too!], send us some footy... you guys have a lot of great parks.

Our coverage is divided into 3 sections: The course, the pros, and more the pros. I hope you're hungry, 'cause there's lots to see. Dig in , we'll see you next year..
...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ welcome to SlamCityJam '00!

^ Kosten exits a
50-50 off the fun
box while Pros
Chad F., Kerry G.,
and Malcom W. look

^ back wall on
one end of the
street course

^ Jim Gagne starts
his pop on a big
wall mid-course

^ here's a mickey-
moused shot of most
of the street course.
there was more street
action tucked in behind
the vert ramp

^ rafter shot

^ steve berra [?]
on the hoopty rail

^ Mr Tony Teui
seshes the stairs
on the funny-fun,
fun box

^ skate culture
meets fine art
in the skate lounge

^ Mike Peterson
stokes out his
homies at Volcom
w/ a solid b-side

^ a "devil horn"
salute from Zion
board shop

| course | pros 1 | pros 2 | <--* check it out

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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