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editor's note:
Slam City Jam '01

* Indoor: 'Crete
* Pro Competition
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Droppin' the Slammer!

This year in May, it was our pleasure to attend Slam City Jam. While this was the eighth running of the "Big Ass Skate Contest" in Vancouver, BC, for us it was our second trip. We love Canada... cool contest, tons of great skateparks, and local park riders with serious skills and chill attitudes. You better believe we're going back next year!

The contest is killer. Tons of pros show up - in fact, the whole city of Vancouver is practically overrun w/ skaters - pros and otherwise. I didn't really like the course as much this year - it was smaller - but the skating had me stoked as ever. Moreover, I like seeing that many skaters in one place. Skate heaven. This may be the only time of the year that no one complains that I can't stop talking about skating... paradise.

We hope you get a sense of what went on from our pics below... and of course, we're real proud to introduce our first installment of Shiteo™ [shit quality + video = shiteo!] coverage. Look for the "Shiteo!" clips below for ani-motion magic from a few of the pros.

We'd like to take a minute to thank Jay Balmer and Marnie DiGiando w/ the Slam staff for settin' us up and just generally making us feel at home. It was a kickass time, thanks!

Wrapping up this review, we'd be glad to suggest a few skateparks for you. Next year, stay around for a couple of days and have yourself a little push-push grind-grind at any of the following: Whistler, Parkgate, Whiterock, Seylynn, Griffin, Hastings, etc. Keep checkin' our list - we're adding more Canadian parks all the time.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Vancouver pride
flowith over when
local hero, Rick
McCrank, hits the
course at Slam
City Jam

^ Here's a wide view
of the course... the
vert ramp is behind
the stage in the center

^ SoCal's 805
representin' with
Mike Taylor...
check the Newbury
for a look at Mike's
home turf

^ Paul Rodriguez
- another 805 killer -
w/ the flip flip!

^ Fabrizio Santos
on that bluntslide

^ *--> SHITEO!
Casey Lindstrom
w/ trannie revert

^ *--> SHITEO!
Canadian tech dawg
Gailea Momolu w/ a
hardflip on the bank

^ *--> SHITEO!
John Wilinski hucking
out the one-foot mute
from the kicker

^ *--> SHITEO!
Another Canadian
- Rob "Sluggo" Boyce -
w/ a 540 tail grab

^ Perhaps the
World's most versatile
skater and Black Label
hired gun - Omar Hassan

^ Here's a flyer
from this year's
Slam City Jam

^ Mr Ed Templeton
sportin' trucker
steez for that "blood
sucking" Toy Machine

^ Just like Snoop Dog,
Steffan Attardo likes
his blunts!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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