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editor's note:
Whistler Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete / 'Sphalt / Wood
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Old scku meets new scku!

We've only been to Canada twice... so the fact that half of Whistler's skatepark is relatively new doesn't mean much to us. As far as we're concerned, it's always been a big "tech meets hesh" skate-o-rama. What's more interesting to Cali fools like ourselves is that it's fresssshh!

[Big props to Jim Barnum and Spectrum Skateparks [604.986.5683] for the design on that "new" street section!]

You see, Canada has this interesting tradition of snakeruns. On this site alone, we've got snakeruns at Griffin and Seylynn in NorVan, and we've got more pics of the snakerun at Whiterock. Like these other parks, Whistler's got that 70's "cruise and pop", snake-style all fired up. However, where the NorVan parks stop, Whistler is just getting started.

In addition to the man-eating snakisms, Whistler has a burly "street course" as well, complete w/ big walls and nice coping throughout. You've got the tech-tech, you've got the big 6 ft spine, you've got the juicy bowls... so what are you waiting for???

Directions: From Vancouver take Highway 99 north for a little less than two hours. Exit at Village Gate Boulevard and head east. Make a right [south] on Blackcomb Way, and make a left into the resort parking lots. Drive along the edge of the parking lot nearest the slopes, and you will be able to see the skatepark just behind some trees, between you and the mountains.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ This shot covers Whistler's
street/wood courses... the snake
run would be straight ahead
down a little path, past the
spine in this image

^ Here's another view of
that funky spine...

^ Cool fun box.
Too bad it doesn't
have a big wall to
flow *from* on that
"scooped" side so you
could blast out a little

^ Big walls, all
coped up, for a
not-so-70s flow

^ Here's a wide
view - facing
uphill - of the snake

^ Jean-Francios
Richard, from
Val D'or,
over boards and

^ One selection
from Whistie's
graf collection

^ Seasoned
trannie freaks
know that you
can pump uphill
if you've got your
schwerve on...

^ Here are a few
"Derby-esque" details
from the top of the
snake... paying tribute
to the days when all we
had to ride were parking
blocks atop shallow drainage

^ What a "pretty"
shot... style,
speed and power!
This *is* skating.
If you know this
guy, pls
and we'll
give this ruler credit

^ Same story here:
This whole crew
kicked ass -
Chris Dimma on
long board

^ Jean-Francois
tweaking out
another allie-oop!

^ This is not
, it's
the "park" at
Britannia. Just in
case you're thinking
of trying to find it
- don't! It sucks.
But if you need to
see for yourself,
look for the mine
from 99 and the
"park" will be just
across the street
toward the water

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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