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editor's note:

EXTINCT: As of Jun'02, this park no longer exists...

"Thank you for your help, but our skatepark, Sidewinder has unfortunately closed... basically, high rent and no help from the city."

- Virginia Sperl: Jun '02

The following pics/info on Sidewinder skatepark come to you courtesy of the park owner herself. Yep, our friend Virginia Sperl had the following to say:

"These pictures were taken at the beginning of April ['01] and we have since added rails and three separate grind boxes..."

That's about all we've got for you... we're hoping the local locs will step up w/ some relevant commentary to share w/ the rest of us at home. So, here's your big chance - send in those comments and we'll post!

...scroll down for pics

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^ Look out guys - it's
a Sidewinder!

^ Looks like a nice
little park...

^ ...perfect for those
gnarly winter months, or
anytime you're tired of
picking chunks of glass
outta your palms.

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