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editor's note:
Big O

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie
* Rating: "O Can-ada!"

I'm a huge fan of the SkateCanada video series. Those guys have/ride lots of parks - we think that shit's cool! First you've got the BC outdoor park scene. Then you've got the indoor action that keeps them from freezing their nuts off in the winter. Finally, you've got a nice collection of "not-so-skateparks" like Big "O", for instance.

Yeah, I saw Big "O" for the first time in a SkateCanada video [number 4???]. These dudes were hacking thru the ice to ride this thing in the winter - ah, the youth and their energy. We checked it out first hand last summer ['01] when we toured the East Coast, returning victorious, again, to serve up the following footy - see below!

We hear this "tunnel turned halfpipe" was originally designed for the Olympics. It used to be carpeted [that's what we hear...] and the athletes ran thru it as part of some ceremony... or something. Whatever. These days it's a miniramp waiting to happen - "just add one skater and shake well."

As of the summer of '01, this was one of the best "parks" in the city ... if that tells you anything about the Montreal parks. You can check out Rosemont or Pie IX, but I wouldn't. There are some real miniramps in Park Ahuntsic, as well as a couple more shit parks like Dorval and Park Jarry if you're desperate. For parks that don't suck, head over to the "south bank" and check out Longueuil, Boucherville, and Universe [in Repentigny].

Directions: No, na na no, no. Strictly underground - find it and grind it, boys and girls.

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^ Teen hangout and wannabe
skatepark, Big "O" is
"natural" transition.

^ Somebody told us that
this spot will chew
up your board... I don't
know, looks cool to me.
Also, common trick here is
an ollie-oop to boardslide
down the oververt section
- bangin'!

^ Skate graf

^ She's got a hole
in her backside, too!

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