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editor's note:
Dorval Skatepark

* Outdoor: Metal / ASS-phalt
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: F-ugly!

We are almost embarrassed to show you these pics from Dorval skatepark, from the summer of 2001.

"Alright, maybe BIG-O and the Repentigny skatepark are good, but you missed Ile Bizard and Dorval... check those out. Skateparks in Montreal are a big joke. Skateboarding needs some help here in Montreal."

- JJ Hodges: Apr '02

Yep, that pretty much says it all, as of 2001. Maybe there are better parks now, but they f**kin' sucked [!] last summer. I mean it - terrible. Lousy. Crap-slurpies on a good day.

"Hey. I just wanted to say that your dissing up skateparks in Montreal, but since they got rid of the Taz [a cool Montreal private park that went out of business in 2001], these places are all we got. Me and my friend really like these parks, because its better then what we're use to - little manual pads and our home made boxes. So, pls quit ragging on these parks!"

- Bob Elkin: Jun '02

Hey, Bob, no disrespect to you locals intended, but we're trying to "tell it like it is!" We want to make sure skaters don't waste their time w/ lame spots, and we're also pushing for future efforts to get better.

Most Montreal parks - and especially Dorval - are poorly built, have ridiculous layouts, and are completely unimaginative. For an example, compare Montreal's Pie 9 to the more modern Boucherville park - Montreal needs a kick in the ass! We're gonna keep "ragging" on these poor specimens until the city steps up w/ something better. Our words of advice, get an experienced skate/build team to design and build your next one. It'll be MUCH better!

Directions: Dorval is near Montreal, to the west, by the airport. From Montreal, take Highway 40 to the west, to highway 520 west. As you travel just south of the airport, exit the highway and head south toward the river [Ave. Dorval is a good route]. When you reach Dawson, head west. Dorval skatepark is in a community park, south of Dawson, just west of Ave. Allard.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ That graffiti is weak, but
this park is weaker - Dorval skatepark.

^ Look at the
surface... if
you're ever build-
ing a park, use
concrete. Don't
use asphalt or
you'll end up with
a cheese grater like

^ The quarter pipe
on the right is
made of aluminum,
has no deck, and
no coping... you
gotta dis this park.
You just have to.

^ This fun box
is junk, but it's
better than the
rest of the park.

^ Stay away from this place!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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