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editor's note:
Riverside Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Asphalt
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: River sad...

Nothing to get too excited about, but this little McPark is located in "Ville de Saint-Lambert," in a park with a big public swimming pool.

So, you got prefab concrete features, on asphalt [asphalt sucks], with metal plates to "smooth out" the transition from asphalt to ramp... I wouldn't even bother with this place, if I were you. If you're in this part of the world, try the wood park in Longueuil, the concrete park in Boucherville, or the pay park at Universe in Repentigny.

Directions: From Montreal, head east toward Longueuil on the 134. After you cross the Fleuve St Laurent, continue onto Boul. Taschereau as it bends to the south. After a few blocks, make a right [southwest] on Boul. Desaulniers. Cross Putney Ave., Walnut Ave., etc, then make a right [northwest] on Mercille Ave. From Mercille, make another right [northeast] on Riverside . 1 block to the north, you should see the swimming pool on the left [west] at the intersection of Riverside and Birch. The skatepark is behind the pool.

...scroll down for pics

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^ Not much to look at... Riverside
skatepark in Saint Lambert, Quebec.

^ Les regles...

^ A little hubba action.

^ The skatepark is behind the
pool and this building...

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