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editor's note:
Rosemont - CLOSED

* Outdoor: Asphalt + ???
* Free
* Street
* Rating: How do you say "crap" in French?

Oh, geez... I hate this park, I really do. Rosemont sucks. I'm glad the locals have a place to ride, but as far as I can tell, this is the second worst park in Montreal [Dorval is even more ghetto than this place].

The list of things that are f**ked up about this park is pretty long, but to sum it up they include: Terrible surface [extremely rough asphalt w/ cracks], downhill layout means the park has no flow, quarter pipes w/ no "decks" [they're like launch ramps w/ coping]... I don't really have anything good to say about this park.

Just for reference, have you seen what kind of parks local communities are putting together in British Columbia? Now, here's a "bad park" in BC - it's still a lot better than this park, isn't it?

The rest of Montreal's parks aren't much better. Taj is still closed [as of summer 2001]. Park Ahuntsic has some pretty good mini-ramps [2 of them], but no street features at all. Park Jarry is pretty bad, but there's a lot of it. Pie IX is well built, but boring. Dorval is one of the worst parks I've ever seen. There *ARE* some very good parks on the "South Bank," including our favorite, Universe [it's indoor and it kicks ass!], in Repentigny. There are also new parks in Longueuil [wood] and Boucherville [concrete] that are worth the trip if you've got the time [pics coming soon].

Directions: In Montreal, take Highway 40 to the St. Dennis exit and head east. Make a left [north] onto Boul. Rosemont. Then from Boul. Rosemont turn left [west] onto 10th Avenue, followed by another left [south] onto Rue de Bellechasse. The skatepark is on the northeast corner of 9th Ave. and Rue de Bellechasse.

...scroll down for pics

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^ Rosemont is a
jenky, half-assed,
pathetic excuse for
a skatepark... but
at least the skaters
have something to ride.

^ Look at that
quarter! Can you
see how they pushed
that table up behind
it. It has no deck!?!
Who designed that

^ I'd guess that Montreal
will have some good
parks in a year or two...
no way the Montreal skate
scene will tolerate this crap
forever. Start making some
noise kids, you deserve better.

^ Okay the parks are
booty, but the graf
is super! That
character is a little
goofy, but the piece
is solid.

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