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editor's note:
Universe Skatepark

* In / Outdoor: Wood / Metal / 'Crete
* Pay: $10 per session
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Canadian Kick Ass!

We rode this park in the summer of 2001 and had such a great session - too much fun! While most of the parks in the Montreal area ranged from boring to terrible, when we got to Universe we finally found what we were looking for: A well built park w/ tons of great lines - both inside and out.

The park has a creative design and everything rolls smooth and solid. You've got good flow around the park, with a few lines throwing you outside. Indoor is wood and concrete, good coping, gnarly/creative rails, sweet mini ramp, vert walls, all that [no big vert ramp, but that's okay w/ me]. Outdoors is a little more big-time. Lots of 7 ft walls and the best kicker I've ever riden.

There are a few other parks east of Montreal - all of them better than what we saw in the city. We checked out the new concrete park in Boucherville. We also checked out the old [boring] concrete park in St. Lambert and a new wood park in Longueuil. We'll have pics of those parks coming to the site in the next few weeks... stay tuned!

Directions: From Montreal, take Highway 40 east. Cross over the Riviere Des Prairies, and continue on the highway. Exit at Boulevard Brien, and turn left [west]. The skatepark is a few blocks down in a small shopping center, inside Universe Skate Shop. The address is 222 Boul. Brien, Repentigny. For more info call 450.581.1095.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Get your ass in
the car and go skate
you'll have a great
time. I wish I was
there right now.

^ Not your average
fun box... great

^ Check out this wide
angle look at the
indoor part of
the park [You may have
to scroll to see the
whole image].

^ That's the mini ramp
in the background. You
can't see it in this shot,
but it's got a big 7 ft
extension in the corner.

^ Outdoors is metal
and asphalt. The
surface rolls real
nice... [scroll to
see the whole image]

^ That kicker is too
perfect. Even a jackass
like myself could air over
and land nice and smooth
on the back side. That
rounded landing zone means
no hang-ups. Fun!!!

^ Quebec has tons
of really good
graffiti, and Universe
is covered in crafty
underground art.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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