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editor's note:
Slam City Jam '02

* Indoor: Wood / 'Crete
* Pro Competition!
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Good Slammer, ehhh!?!

Steppin' up again this year, the SKATEparkLIST bomb squad had the pleasure of working the scene of the 9th annual SLAM CITY JAM! Actually, this year, title sponsor Vans put this infamous contest in a headlock, and had the contest "renamed" Vans Slam City Jam - good for them. Whatever you want to call it, it was sweeter than cherry pie, and you can bet your ass we'll be back next year...

Sifting thru our corroded craniums for magic memories we come up w/ the following short list of highlights:

1.] Anytime Austin Seaholm touched the floor he responded w/ tricks on top of tricks [see SHITEO evidence below], 2.] The Hastings bowl demo was crazy fun [that footage is coming soon], 3.] Rene-Rene was rockin' more neon than a Jane Fonda work-out video, 4.] Lots of ladies on hand [skaters and local teenyboppers in a tight jeans, fashion frenzy], 5.] Colt Cannon vetoed "Turn around - briiiight eyes" as the music for his run and ended up skating to "I need a Hero!"... it was fun, it was funny, it was bad ass - Slam is a both a magnet and a catalyst for cool shit.

2002's course was less complicated than last year's setup - and it seemed to work out a little better, too. You could see all the action from almost anywhere - floor, nosebleed seats, and all that. Despite that fact that this course looks like a skate park, most of the pros rode it like a collection of street spots, and what transition that was there was mostly neglected. Mike V, Wolnei dos Santos, Chris Senn, Josh Evin, Tony Trujillo and Ryan "12 yrs old my ass" Sheckler get props from us for putting a few non-street tricks into the mix!

Big ups and heaps of praise to the Slam team for another great production. Special thanks to Adrian Salpeter and Jay Balmer for all their help... just like your dinner after a big night of drinking, we'll be back up again soon - ha! Thanks again, Canada!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ SHITEO: Chris Senn's
main line included this
transfer leading to a rock
on the vert wall

^ Here's this year's
poster for Slam
City Jam

^ SHITEO: Paul
Rodriguez nailed this
trick time after time -
kickflip to frontside
work on the rail

^ SHITEO: Finals
gave this dude a little
bit o' trouble, but Austin
Seaholm KILLED IT!

^ Behold - the 2002 course!
Vert ramp is on the left side
of this shot, behind the street

^ SHITEO: Sandro
Dias was running hard
that weekend - check this
monster 540...

^ Technical failure
robbed us of a lot
of good stills, but this
shot of a simple
rock to fakie is A LOT
like what it was like
to stand on the deck.

^ SHITEO: Rune
Glifberg's "flip and
catch" kickflip indigrab.

^ SHITEO: Local
ripper Josh Evin had
Vancouver on it's feet
with this frontside,
double-pump, tweaker off
the big quarter pipe.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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