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editor's note:
Arvada Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Metal
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: I laugh at you...

Ha ha, you call this a skatepark?!? I don't have to tell Colorado heads what a real park is all about, you guys have some of the best parks in the world. We bow our shaved heads in your general direction. However, you also have more than one of these little metal wuss parks, don't cha? Yep and voila, Arvada. You want to know about this park? Fine! Here you go - see pics below.

You're not impressed? Yeah, neither are we. If I lived in one of those nice grey houses across the street from this place, you better believe I'd session the hell out of those mini ramps. I'd be the first guy to wear out a metal ramp - one ugly bail at a time. But if I DIDN'T live right across the street [which I DON'T], I wouldn't bother looking for this place, or the other 2 million "McParks" across the Denver area.

Almost forgot... I recently found out who we have to thank for these fine parks [and there are A LOT of them across the US] - Skateparks International [303.655.9006]. Yeah, baby... they've milked the hell out of this little song and dance over the years. This little number was built in 1995 [wow], and that makes it very old in skatepark years. Oddly enough, the banks and pyramid look a bit like Huntington Beach CA, built a year earlier.

We're lacking any real evidence of the new Denver kill-kill parks like the public monster you fools just got [lucky bastards!], or the corporate effort from the deep pockets at Vans. We do have a little bit of info on some Denver parks like the Littleton park, the Thornton park, and SDG's monster at Boulder. Of course the mountains offer up some of the best concrete in the world, including insane parks at Breck, Aspen, Silverthorn and beyond... we'll have more Denver/Rockies footage coming later this year. Sound like a road trip? You heard right!

Directions: Arvada is about five miles northwest of downtown Denver. Take Interstate 70 west to the Wadsworth Boulevard exit. Head north on Wadsworth Blvd. and make a left [west] onto 58th street. Then make a right [north] onto Wadsworth Blvd. (old Wadsworth), followed by a left onto Barbara Ann Drive. The skatepark is on the left in Memorial Park. The address is 7800 Barbara Ann Drive.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Memorial Park in Arvada
was nice. Frisbee golf AND a
skatepark... fresh.

^ The other McParks
don't usually have
the concrete additions...

^ ... you can
call this McPark

^ This pyramid
is weak sauce!
How embarrassing...

^ Not one, but two
mini ramps. I actually
LIKE mini ramps, but this
still seems like a strange

^ Pitiful low point in
McPark history. If this
fun box were any lower,
it would cease to be 3-
dimensional. It's a pancake.
Makes me want to cry,
it's so f**kin' sad.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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