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editor's note:
Aspen Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete [lots of it!]
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Sickest park ever"

It is with great pleasure that we bring you this review of the concrete dream that is Aspen skatepark. We scored a near-perfect afternoon in this park in June '02. One of those summer days where you can skate until 9 PM, or until you pass out from the exhaustion that comes from endless flow. Perfect! You'll love it!!!

"Behold the glory of Aspen - the sickest park ever. A fully encompassed trannie area in which one could literally skate all day without ever pushing once [requiring machine-like stamina, of course]. Adding to the atmosphere are the daily rumors of the newly arrived rich and famous..."

"Word was that Ms. Britney Spears was in Aspen while we were there. I never saw her at the park. I guess she's not into skaters. Her loss..."

- Eric Just: Jan '02

We really got to give it up to this park. The pictures tell the story better than we can... crazy fun and hassle free, nothing but freedom in this park. Big props out to the city of Aspen, and also to Team Pain for the glorious design/build [407.695.8215].

Directions: Take Main Street to Mill Street, and head north. Make a right onto Rio Grande Place. The skatepark is on the left in Rio Grande Ball Field.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The skatepark in Aspen is
so f&^king good, Good, GOOD!!!

^ SHITEO: Chad
"Swampdog" Simon with
more jet-fueled air
time than a scud missle

^ While Aston Smith
is getting his 5050
down the escaltor,
Othello - owner of
local skateshop - is
kicking it in the

Simon's footplant
is one of the best
SHITEOs on this little
site. For a couple
of other bangers, check
out Slaughterfingers
on this bs grind,
or Dave Wagner freakin'
, down south in
Crested Butte.

^ Here's everything but the bowl...
180 degree view, from kiddie bowl
on the left, panning over - not one
- but two spines!

^ This shot is from the top
of the extension, looking back
at the rest of the flow park...
[Photo: Eric Just]

^ Just another
afternoon in the

Chad Wilson with pop
to backside disaster
in this animated

^ Chad Simon - busy
with this handplant
while Ali Kermani
exercises video skills

^ Guessing, we'd say 7 ft on this
extension - built for showcase tricks
right in the middle of the park. Authentic
pool coping in effect. Flat bar, ledge,
and bowl are to the right...

^ This planter/ledge and the flatbar
are about the only street-sticles in
the park.

^ We had young Gabriel and
Jesus stand still for these
shots so you could get an idea
of how massive this beast is...

^ Nosepick off the pool coping

^ This photograph kicks ass... for
those of you that don't get it, Chad
rides "vert." And since he wears pads,
he's used to going to his knees when he
bails on a trick. When he's sliding on
his knees [at 100 mph], he tends to wear holes
in the TOPS of his shoes... thus the tape!
More classic than the Beatles, yo!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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