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editor's note:
Scott Carpenter

* Outdoor
* Free: [we think???]
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Sick like cancer

The new skatepark at Scott Carpenter Park was under construction when we arrived on the scene in early Sept '00. We hit the mall across the street for lunch and we ran into a cool guy named "Dee" at BC Surf + Sport. He showed us the plans below - notice the proposed open date of "late Sept '00."

UPDATE: Since the original review, we've dug up a few facts for you.

This 16,000 sq ft park was dreamed up by the wizards at SiteDesignGroup [480.894.6797] - designers of great parks like Robb Field, CA, Los Altos, NM, Chandler, AZ, and many more. That's a perfect resume, so you know you're gonna have a good time.

Below are some new pics [Aug '01], sent in by Keith Davidson. Whoa - great shots! ...thanks, man.

"Park is super fast and the locals rule so keep your eyes peeled for a couple of blind spots. The coping is a little sunken in the deep bowls [that should be way deeper], but overall the park is one of the best for hesh skating in the state. No real street stuff [a couple of ledges], just speed lines galore. Best visit is in the late spring or early fall, but it is dry most of the year."

- Keith Davidson: July 2001

For more skateables, check out Colorado action at Littleton, Golden, Thornton, and Longmont. As of Aug '01, two *new parks* just opened up in the Denver area - now you've got a Vans park and a *huge* park in Denver that is been called the "largest public facility in the world" [I've seen pics, it's huge]. If you've got pics, pls send 'em in, we'll post!

Directions: Let's say you're coming from Denver... Take the 25 North out of Denver and hook up w/ the 36 West to Boulder. The 36 will take you right into town. Veer right as the 36 becomes 28th St. Take 28th to Arapahoe and turn right. The park is on the corner of Arapahoe and 30th in Scott Carpenter Park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Ehhh... nice! Check out
how Boulder turned out!!!
[Photo: Keith Davidson]

^ Layout pics w/ thanks
to Dee at BC Surf +

^ This may be some
kind of YMCA

^ Damn... looks

^ Jared Stoots killin'
a burly lien transfer
[Photo: Keith Davidson]

^ See that corner

^ Another sic action
shot - "Sam Irby
doing the slob
fastplant" [Photo:
Keith Davidson]

^ Small section of
the park as of Sep'00

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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