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Goose Gossage

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Colorado Springs is located about 1 hour south of Denver. While Colorado has a number of really exceptional concrete parks [including parks in Salida and Silverthorn], most of the parks near Denver are pre-fab, mass produced, metal "McRamp" parks. They're cool, we've seen kids have a great time riding them, but they're all carbon copies of each other - no creativity and no flow. For a bite of something with a little more flavor, check out Colorado Springs - it is definitely worth a session.

The park has a nice combination of transition and street components. One central element to the park is a shallow snake run. The snake run could be deeper, it could have more vert, but its still has a lot of potential. Highlights include sections with/without coping and a low, wide nipple right in the center of the run. For a good example of a more aggressive snake run, check out Seylynn Skatepark in N. Vancouver, Canada.

Directions: The park is located in the middle of Goose Gossage Youth Sports Complex - a huge park just east of the I-25. Coming from Denver, exit the 25 in Colorado Springs at the Garden of the Gods exit and head east [this might be called Austin Bluffs Pkwy]. About 1 block from the freeway make a right on Mark Dabling. The skatepark is located about 1/2 mi. south on your left.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Ed Warner sticks a flip trick
from the snake run at Colorado

^ This end of the
run was prime territory
for flyouts from a
variety of different

^ Ed w/ a
boardslide on the
fun box

^ Indi-flyout

^ And just for all you
pain junkies - no pads
required [this is
typical for CO]

^ Nice coping

^ Cross-park view of
the snake run and
another fun box

^ Sumbited by Mr Ed Warner
himself - thanks!

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