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editor's note:
Crested Butte Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Crusty Butt Skatepark

Lurking thru Colorado in the summer of 2002, we inched from park to park on another "really big tour." With some of the best parks in the country under our belts already, we aimed our bumper at Crested Butte for a look at what we thought was going to be another killer park from Oregon's Dreamland/Grindline crews...

See, a lot of the best parks in CO were built by crews from the coastal states - particularly Tim Payne's crew from Florida. We had actually heard that Red Scott [a Dreamlander from Oregon] built this one. When we showed up looking for perfectly smooth Oregon-like park lines, we found a roughish brute of a park - NOT exactly what we were expecting. Upon arrival, local wild man Roller Dave Wagner began to clue us in.

Turns out, the park wasn't built by Dreamline or Tim Payne's crew - it was built before both of them, sort of. The city mayor officially got the ball rolling in 1996, asking the local skaters if they could help make it happen. Some guy named Lenny Bird - who had a famous wooden bowl in his garage - helped out w/ the design expertise, and temporarily brought his bowl to the site of the current park. From there, they called Tim, but he was mostly into wood parks at the time, and didn't have a concrete crew ready for the job. The next step involved getting Omar Windom [FL], Mark Scott [OR], Dave Wagner [CO] and a few other Crested Butte locals to do the 'crete - and THUS, the park was born! After Crested Butte was completed, Tim Payne hired most of the crew onto his team, and they became his first concrete crew. Mark Scott later went back to Oregon, and along w/ Munk Hubbard, got the Dreamland/Grindline thing going. Or so the legend has it!

So, yes [!], it IS an OR/FL type park - a rusty grandfather of today's concrete masterpieces. While Butte is burlier that today's kill-parks, the park is still being worked on. Since that 1996 original build-out, they've already added on a few times. The grungy little street course was one addition [see the "1999" concrete scribble in a photo below]. The slightly timid mini-bowl - one of the most unique bowls you'll ever skate and a great use of the space! - was built more recently.

Big thanks out to Dave Wagner for all his historic input AND for the sick skate skills [see SHITEO below!]. We also want to give it up to Dave White and local shop "Air Up There" for their support of skateboarding and for the general good vibes. This park - and this town - is a totally chill place to hang out. You'll love it. While you're there, ask Dave Wagner about the local taco place, too - just what you need for the ride back from where ever you came from!

One final note regarding road trips to this place... Crested Butte is a little out of the way, but easily connects the drive from the Breckenridge skatepark, passing thru the two parks in Gunnison ["Clit bowl!"], hitting Crested Butte, and heading back west toward Montrose. That's a great loop. You should hit it up!

Directions: Located on the south side of the Rockies, Crested Butte is accessed via Gunnison and highway 50. From Gunnison, take the 135 north into town. In town, the 135 is called Main. At the stop sign at Main and Belleview, make a left [west]. Continue on Belleview to 3rd st and you'll be looking right at it!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Less distorted than our
average "homemade" panoramic,
this shot of Crested Butte
is pretty accurate. For the record,
that back bowl is over 9 ft deep, with
2 ft of vert, and full-gnar pool
for added difficulty and
authentic flavor!

^ I once saw Salba putting
duct tape on the hits to mark
his route... that's what these
arrows are for. They layout the
route for those that are willing
to commit.

^ SHITEO: Speaking
of commitment, here's some
footage of Dave Wagner
doing the unthinkable
about 13 ft above the

^ Here's a view of the
coping from the bottom
of the bowl.

^ This ledge, with the
escalator section, is
part of the street course
add-on from 1999.

^ See this Santa Ana! A little
bit of trannie can go a long way! This
is a great little beginner bowl, and a
100% original design. You don't need
to use up a ton of space to serve up
some real trannie... that built-in parking
block is a classic detail, too. Nice job!

^ CO rules apply: No fences,
no old lady yappin' in your
ear, just a sign to warn you
that "brain buckets" are a good

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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