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Blue Torch TV is pretty sweet. Consistently delivering skate coverage from all over... that's cool. But one night they did an interview w/ some guy [maybe a pro?] about some CO parks. When Cornerstone came up he straight up dissed the park as some "junky wooden ramps." What? I don't know where that guy was from, but this park deserves a lot more love than that...

Our experience w/ CO is this: Killer 'crete parks in the mountain areas like Breck, Salida, Boulder, etc. Then you've got the "McRamps" parks w/ those metal cloned-out setups all over the Denver area [Check out Golden's park for an example]. Then you've got a few oddball parks like Thorton [good park] and this one... Rumor has it Denver has a Vans park, too [Got pics?]???

Cornerstone isn't the best park in the state, but it's nothing to bitch about either. We rode there and had a great time... especially on that kicker ramp [when they put me in charge, every skatepark will have a kicker]. Ride hard and send us the footage...

Directions: Cornerstone is located in Progress park in Littleton - a suburb in southern Denver. From the I-25, exit Belleview and head west. You'll cross a few major intersections including University and Broadway. Just after Broadway, you'll make a left [south] on Hickory and head up the hill. The park is on your right [west].

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Props out to Josh Crigger
for this pic of Cornerstone

^ Tail slidage...

^ This is the
runway for the
kicker... j'eah!

^ Crazy mix of
wood and 'crete
here... but it
could help allow
for changin' it up
later on

^ Matt Kabeiseman w/ a
great big melongrab 360...
[We had so many sick shots
of this guy we had trouble
narrowing them down... this
guy kills it!!!]

^ More melon here than
Sunday brunch at grandma's

^ Good times for
handrail jockies

^ "I wanna use my
sign!" "Your sign
sucks, we're using
my sign!!!"

^ Fun box beatdown

^ Ryan w/ a huge 180
off the side of the

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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