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* Outdoor: Metal / 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Would you like fries w/ that?"

Not only is Golden, CO the home of Coors beer ["Distributed by Coors brewing company - Golden CO"], but it also hosts a little skatepark action as well. Located in some beautiful foothills, in a park next to the Lookout Mountain School, is the fine Ulysses skatepark.

We've been talking a little trash about these "McRamps" parks around the Denver area and Ulysses is one of them. It's not that these parks suck - cause they don't - they're just no frills, carbon copy, pre-fab metal setups and almost every suburb of Denver has one exactly like the others. My guess is that someone approved a low-bid offer to get tons of parks into the area. It's cool that the kids got parks, but they ended up w/ a low-bid experience...

Having said all that, the day we shot Ulysses was probably our best McRamp session. Golden's local rippers had a *lot* more attitude than most of the kids we shot. The wind was blowing pretty good and the locs were just chargin' it. One after another, sliding and grinding the biggest rail in the park. It was fun to watch.

For a less "budget" experience, check out some of the other Denver area parks like Thornton, Cornerstone, Colorado Springs, or area standout, Boulder. Rumor has it Denver may have a Vans park by now [Got pics?]. There are more McRamp parks in Wheat Ridge, Arvada and Brighton. For the ultimate in no-frills parks, Idaho Springs has a super ghetto scene if you're interested [we recommend you skip it thou'].

Directions: It was actually kind of hard to find this park [at least for out-of-towners like us...]. Try and get onto 6th Ave West, heading west out of Denver. Take 6th past I-70 and route 40. Just after route 40, make a right [north] on Mt Vernon [near a cemetery]. The road will bend east and you'll make a left [north] on Salvia [1st left?]. From there make another left on 9th [west], a right on Ulysses [north], cross 10th and look for a big park on a hill to the east. The skatepark is behind a parking lot up on the hill.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ James Graham
killin' fs slides

^ Pads supposedly

^ James again on
that 5-stair rail

^ "Welcome to Ulysses Skatepark,
may I take your order?"

^ A good mini-ramp
is always fun...

^ # two of three
rails [the third
is on the ground
by the mini]

^ Tom "Rock Rock" Saban
- this is the kind of
guy that'll give the
rail the finger after
sticking a trick.
He's real *angry*
and fun to watch...
360 dismount

^ Here's a look at
the smaller box and
a launch ramp

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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