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editor's note:
Durango Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Down by the river...

After having lunch in the downtown area [cool town!], we ran into some skaters as we started heading to the Durango skatepark.

We asked how they liked the park and one of the kids said, "It sucks, except for the ledges...." That dude was wrong.

You see, like a lot of CO parks, the emphasis here is on trannie and a monster clover bowl. It's not perfect, some of the trannie is a little wack here and there, but it works where it counts. It's a sick bowl, actually.

Now the guys that dissed this place are the "flippy" type of skaters. Lucky for them, the tech noise is coming soon! Check this update:

"We are currently designing expansions to both the north and south of the existing clover bowl. The revised design includes a snake bowl and an urban plaza street course [see below for computer models!]."

- Mark Leone: Jun '02
  Academy Skatepark Design, Inc.

For more parks in this part of CO, you're pretty much outta luck. We met some guys at Crested Butte that live in Durango and have their own miniramp... Telluride is supposed to have a big wood park that kicks ass. And Montrose, good lord, that's a righteous f*$kin' park! To the south, Gallop NM has a lackluster McPark - and that's about it!

Directions: Coming from Grand Junction and highway 70 [for instance], take highway 50 south. At Montrose, the 50 heads east, but you want to keep going south - on highway 550 - toward New Mexico. As you get into Durango, the cross streets are numbered. Take 9th street west - across the river. As you head west on 9th, you should see the park to the north on the opposite side of the river from 550.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Dude, c'mon... the bowl at
Durango looks killer!

^ Here's a view of the hips
from the bottom of the deepest
bowl... this area doubles as a
street gap for the "big city kids!"

^ See how steep
that wall is?
That's not too

^ Street scene

^ Look at all those
round hips...

^ I like ledges that are
longer than this one, but
that's not bad for a do-it-yourself

^ Future street plaza
coming from Academy Skatepark
Design. These are f*%king cool
models! [Submission: Mark Leone]

^ There's more trannie coming,
too. Here's the snake run.
"7 ft deep, w/ a 9 ft deep
end with pool coping"
[Submission/Quote: Mark Leone]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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