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editor's note:
Edora Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Shred-tec

North of Denver is a sweet town called Ft. Collins. We stayed there on a tour once... nice place. Has its own university, nice downtown, etc. In addition to a little miniramp, that's also in town, these days they've got a real park to brag about:

"I have helped so many communities build skate parks that I have recently started a company called Alltec Skateparks Inc. I designed the Ft. Collins skatepark and you should ride it as soon as you can!"

"It is a bank and bowl park and has a snakerun also - a total of 15,600 sq ft of concrete. The design is laid out such that every hit sets you up for the next hit and there is a hit or feature every 10 ft. along the bank."

"As a designer I am very pleased with the park because so many people can skate safely at the same time - it's not one of those parks that where you have to wait to skate. At least 8 skaters can be skating and jammin' at the same time."

"I was a pro back in 1976-79 and have traveled extensively to skate parks and this is one of the best parks I've ever skated."

- Tim Alltec: Mar '02

Directions: Fort Collins is about 60 miles north of Denver. Coming from Denver, take Interstate 25 north to exit 268. Head west on Prospect road. Make a left [south] onto Welch Street. Then make another left [east] onto Stuart Street. The skatepark is on the left in Edora Park, just past Brookwood Drive. The address is 1420 E Stuart Street.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ "Here is a model of Fort Collins
that the city architect made from the
drawings to see if it all worked, it did."
[Photo/Comments: Tim Alltec]

^ This place looks great! Big walls,
technicals here and there, flow to write
home about... good park.

^ "There's a 5 ft bowl w/ a spine into a
banked area w/ a pyramid that has a box
and a rail." [Photo/Comments: Tim Alltec]

^ "We've got a 9 ft pool w/ concrete
." [Photo/Comments: Tim Alltec]

^ "The snakerun wraps around the bowl
and feeds into the banked area."
[Photo/Comments: Tim Alltec]

^ "An assortment of boxes, rails, and
4 flat bank sections." [Photo/Comments:
Tim Alltec]

^ "I am proud of my design..."
[Photo/Comments: Tim Alltec]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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