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editor's note:
Fort Collins Miniramp

* Outdoor: 'Woodie / Metal / Asphalt
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: FC old school...

There's a sweet town in northern Colorado called Fort Collins. Not only do they have a killer concrete park, but they also have an old miniramp that was there before they got the 'crete.

We shot this ramp back in 2000, but we made a call recently [summer '02] and confirmed it's still there. It's a sweet design, complete w/ a roller and 2-stage spine. Besides the main ramp, there are a couple of street features - like a flat bar and some ledges - set up on the asphalt between some metal ramps. Not too big time, but's a good start on a skate scene.

Our recent motivation to publish these pics was yet another odd-ball, Colorado miniramp. In June 2002, we shot the miniramp in the town of Palisade [just east of Grand Junction]. It also has a 2-stage miniramp w/ a spine. These are fairly rare skatepark manifestations, and fun stop-offs if you're in town or just passing thru.

Directions: You'll find Fort Collins off the 25 fwy, located to the north of Denver, not too far from the WY border. From the I-25 in Fort Collins, exit route 14, and head west. You'll cross "9e" [might be called Timberline Rd], and soon make a soft right [northwest] on Riverside. Riverside will become Jefferson, and after you cross Lincoln, make a right [northeast] on Linden. Soon after, make a left [northwest] on Willow and you'll come to Old Heritage Park. The miniramp is in that park!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ There's a siamese dream of a
miniramp in Fort Collins

^ See the detail on the
spine? Coping-to-coping,
plus the gap section on
the other half... that's nice.

^ Jenky fun box with
the flat bar

^ Post card signage

^ Metal hip

^ This angle shows off the
fine roller...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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