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editor's note:
Greeley "Peakview" Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Steel
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: One McPark is never enuff...

How To Make a McPark: - featuring Greeley's Peakview skatepark.

STEP 1: Do nothing. Wait for a McRamp company to call and tell you that you need their pre-fab, lack luster jobbers in your town.

STEP 2: Don't talk to any "real" skatepark companies - just blow your whole wad of community money w/ your McPark sales rep.

STEP 3: Make sure you get the same features they've sold dozens of times, to the town next door, and the town next to that, etc. Variety sucks, right?

STEP 4: Next, pour out the riding surface - pay no attention to where the ramps are going to go at all.

STEP 5: When the generic ramps get dropped off by the McPark dudes, spread them out across the surface. Be sure to put them as far away from each other as possible - gotta use up all that concrete you poured, right? Besides, pushing is the "fun" part of skateboarding. As the McPark saying goes, "Flow blows!"

STEP 6: Instead of building one decent concrete park w/ some soul, put a few of these crap baskets around your city... Greeley actually has THREE, almost identical "beauties."

STEP 7: Congratulate yourselves on how great your park is and make sure no one ever finds out what a killer park is all about, 'cause they'll be pissed!

In all seriousness, we all understand that having a park is better than not having one. However, this park was built in 1999 and looks identical to parks this company built 15 years earlier. Zero progression, negative creativity, no flow - minimal efforts yield minimal results. Don't do this in your town - especially when you've got the same features in parks all around you! Innovate. Push it a little. This style of park doesn't cut it anymore.

Directions Greeley is about 30 minutes north of Denver by freeway. Coming from Denver, take Interstate 25 north to Highway 34 east. Exit onto 65th Avenue and head north. 65th Avenue will bend to the right and become 59th Avenue. Take 59th Ave. north and make a right onto 13th Street. Then make a left onto 58th Avenue, and the skatepark is on the right.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The geniuses that set up
the Greeley skatepark
COULD have put this miniramp
close enough to those quarters
that you could transfer between
them.. but they didn't!

^ Peep this styly switch,
one-footed, layback drop in!
Uhhh, that's the spine and a
fun box in the background.

^ "Kiddie meal"
at the McPark.

^ "Creative backwall".

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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