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editor's note:
Montrose Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street [not much street]
* Rating: Mont-Rumble!

"When you fellas go to Colorado, don't miss Montrose skatepark - best park in Colorado."

That was the word on the street as we headed into our 2nd tour of Colorado. While the competition for "best park" in CO these days is more vicious than a dog fight, Montrose is certainly a contender in that battle. Big time!

Speaking of big time, Jerry Metcalf is fucking FAMOUS in CO for killin' this park. Every place we went, rippers in the know would ask, "did you see Jerry skate?" Yes we saw Jerry. Concrete killer. Trannie champ. Airborne assassin. But you know what he wanted to talk about? He wanted to give out his proper respects to the designers on this one, Tim Alltec and Willie Condon, in particular. And that's ALL he wanted to talk about.

We know Tim Alltec. Tim first contacted us about the new park in Fort Collins CO. He runs Alltec Skateparks Inc. [970.708.1462], and played a big roll in this world class design.

Willis Condon - aka Willie - is another local hero. He's got big air too, but he's also got technical skills on the coping, and an expert eye for fresh lines. But he's not just a great skater, he ALSO played a crucial role in the design of this sick ass park.

Taking our cue from Jerry's gracious sense of appreciation, we give out the big props to all the players in the Montrose skatepark scene. Thanks for sharing your kill lines. For the friendly atmosphere. And most of all, for the great attitudes! You guys rule.

Montrose is relatively close to a bunch of great parks. To the south, check out Durango skatepark, as well as a tiny miniramp-ish park in Ouray. Heading north, Delta has an odd little park [very odd, very little]. Then of course, in Grand Junction you've got the original Key Hole park, as well as a new park in Orchard Mesa [part of Grand Jct.]. Finally, to the east, Crested Butte has a burly local scene that just don't stop!

Directions: To get to Montrose, you'll take the 50 south from Grand Junction, or the 550 north from Durango. Once you're in town, the 550 is called Townsend St. Take Townsend to Oak Grove [south of Main and Church], and head west, into the larger park area. Our notes get kind of vague at that point - just look around - but if you can get that far, you'll definitely find it!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Beautiful spine, crazy doughnut feature,
endless hips, perfect coping, and more flow
than the Colorado river - Montrose skatepark
is one of the best in the world. No doubt!!!

^ The mythical Jerry
Metcalf, on another
"yehaw" transfer!

^ SHITEO: Want to
see Jerry in action? Check this shit out!
[Video: Ali Kermani]

^ One of the park
designers here, Willie
Condon, carving sky
like a 747.

^ See that bird bath/
doughnut thing? This
design is as creative
as it is successful!

^ Compare this spine
to the boring SoCAL
version... yep, whole new
deal in Montrose.

^ These benches - I
think there are at
least two - are some
of the only "street"
features in the park.

^ Unlike the chicken shit
SoCAL status quo, Montrose's
pyramid is over 4 ft tall and
the park just gets burlier
from there.

^ Hummm. This part is a little
weird. This is supposed to be the
new "street" section [it's finished
now]. The dirt spots are now trannie,
and at least two rails have been added.
While this section looks fun to me, I
wouldn't call it "street" skating....

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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