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editor's note:
Palisade Miniramp

* Outdoor: Wood / 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie
* Rating: Spinetabulious [...a Don Kingism!]

Heading east outta Grand Junction, Colorado, is a town called Palisade. Yes, Palisade... where the town is little and the miniramp is pretty big.

Where's the street course, you ask? Well, there isn't one. No Sir, nothing but endless flow and ten thousand lines between your board and a fat head, swollen w/ glory. The attention to details is evident in the escalator coping and the extension on the opposite end of the ramp. Good design!

For another odd CO miniramp, check out the Fort Collins set up. And for more traditional concrete rides, head back to Grand Junction for the old "key-hole" park and the newer, tamer lines at Orchard Mesa skatepark [also in Grand Junction].

Directions: From Grand Junction, head east toward Vail for a few miles [10 miles?]. When you see signs for Palisade, get ready to exit Elberta Ave. Take Elberta south into town, and make a left [east] on 8th. The miniramp is just off the street, in a park on your left side - located between Kluge and Main.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Oh yeah. It's 420-time,
ALL the time, at the
miniramp in Palisade

^ What a beauty. Pure Skatelite
on the walls, with a concrete bottom.
The transition from wood to 'crete is
near perfect... go get some!

^ There's the escalator

^ Spine view

^ They got a handle on the
handle bar situation...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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