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editor's note:
Branford Skatepark

* Outdoor: Synthetics / Asphalt
* Free [?]
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Hammerless Field

There's a nervous little skatepark in Branford CT. Yawn...

No, it's not creative. No, it's not very big. It's probably a little bit better than nothing.

Just to make a weak place weaker, the fine management in Branford have posted rules that say you have to "have a season pass or a day pass to skate." What? If that means anything more than just showing up, skating, and being left alone - it's a stupid waste of time. Tell all the old ladies and the PTA moms - skateparks don't need rules [or coaches, or cheerleaders, or any of that shit!]. Build the park and get out of the way!

Directions:From I-95, take exit 54/Cedar St south away from the highway. Continue on Cedar until it dead-ends into Route 146. Make a quick left on 146 [east], then a quick right [south] on Hobson. Cross Prospect, then make a left [east] on Meadow. There's a park on Meadow to your left [north]... the skatepark is in there.

...scroll down for pics

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^ Here's the big
deal in Branford

^ Kicker ramp

^ Hardcore 4 stair
death rails located
just outside the park...
heh heh.

^ Useless harassment. Put up some
signs that say "wear your pads" and
then get the hell out of there... this
fence and "pass" shit is outta control.
Plenty of great parks operate everyday
w/ no need for bullshit meddling by the
old and crankie!

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