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editor's note:
Gaps Skatepark

* Indoor: Wood / 'Crete
* Pay: $10-$15 per 3 hr sesh
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "THE skatepark in Connecticut"

Located behind Eastern Pulse skate shop, in Milford CT, is Gaps skatepark. 9,000 sq ft of indoor beatdowns, this park is a CT favorite and the proud creation of the East Coast Ramps skate/design team.

"This 'behind the shop' skatepark is home to some of the hottest skaters in the lower end of New England. Unlike all the other totally lame 'playground parks' dotting the New England landscape, Gaps actually has challenging terrain, including the only decent bowl in the state of Connecticut [7 ft masonite w/ steel coping and big trannies]. And yes, that includes the vacant cesspool they call a bowl up at Woodbury. Gaps is THE skatepark in Connecticut."

"In addition to the bowl, there is also a mini-ramp and a great street course. Get there early on weekends, though, because they stop admitting customers after the body count gets too high. Wednesday is bike day, and they're closed on Tuesdays."

"A little oasis in an otherwise dreary landscape... anyone stuck in Connecticut needs to know about Gaps."

- Bill Helene: Apr '02

Directions: From New Haven and the north, take I-95 to exit 40. When you're dumped off onto Woodmont Rd, make a left [south], back under the highway, toward Old Gate Ln. When you get to Old Gate, make a right [southwest]. Take Old Gate [over the railroad tracks] to the end, then a left [east] on New Haven Ave. From New Haven, take your first left [north] on Furniture Row - Eastern Pulse and Gaps will be on your right [east].

From the South, take I-95 north to exit 40. Exit 40 will put you on Old Gate. Take Old Gate right [southwest], then over the railroad tracks to the end of the road, then a left [east] on New Haven Ave. From New Haven, take your first left [north] on Furniture Row - Eastern Pulse and Gaps will be on your right [east].

The address is 20 Furniture Row. For more info, call the park direct at 203.877.4257.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ You'll be looking for Eastern Pulse
when you arrive, but you'll see this
sign for Gaps once you're inside
the park...

^ Here's a good look at most
of the park. The bowl and the
miniramp are on the left side

^ Here's the fun box - set up
between some banks and quarters
for good flow across the floor

Depiero caught on
camera, at the last

^ Transfer from the bowl
to the street course by
Sean Rocco [Photo:
Bill Helene]

^ SHITEO: Sean
Rocco again, this time
with an animated back-
side tailslide to fakie!

^ "Miniramp with multiple
extensions - up to 6 ft"
[Comments: Bill Helene]

^ Shane Artis demos
the wall ride - opposite
the miniramp in the lower
part of the park

^ Trevor Thompson
tosses out this
tailslide on a
ghetto ledge by the

^ This shot does the
7 ft bowl justice
[Photo: Bill Helene]

^ Bowl carver and
a worthy corner hit.
This kind of hit is
more fun than the
round kind of feature...
[Photo: Bill Helene]

^ This is the
designer/builder on
a backside rock -
Chris Merkle from
East Coast Ramps.
This guy also built the
snake run at Skater Island.
[Photo: Bill Helene]

^ Smith view
[Photo: Bill Helene]

^ This "tattoo inspired" art
was just going up in Aug '02

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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