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editor's note:
Groton Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Asphalt
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: DIY in CT

What a strange little skatepark she is, this Groton CT park!

UPDATE: "As we speak, Groton is getting a new snake run. Must see to believe."

- Sandy: Sep '03

"The Groton park is sick. We made the whole thing by hand - with all volunteer labor. Tore up half the park and made it bigger and better. The new sections make it look like a totally different park. Come on down and check it out!"

- UndoneSkater: Sep '03

"Some VERY recent and wicked changes. You thought she was unique before, you should see her in person! The pictures barely do it justice... and she's still free!"

- Cindy Driscoll: Sep '03
  Recreation Program Supervisor

Yeah, the old stuff AND the new lines were built "by hand" - as in, not entirely professional. However, more than just "not too bad," this freak-show park is definitely on that crazy creative tip.

I think it's safe to add this park to the short list of truly "underground," grassroots parks. To our knowledge, that prestigious list includes FDR in Philly PA, San Diego CA's WSSP, Cali's ever morphing Vagabond pool, the original rouge effort - Portland OR's Burnside - and now Groton!!!

If you're curious, we think you can catch some scenes from this park in the Foundation video Good Times [good video for skatepark freaks].

Directions: Take Highway 95 to Groton, and exit highway 117 heading south. Continue south to Fort Hill Rd and make a left [east]. Continue on Fort Hill to the intersection with Ring Dr, and make a right [south]. The skatepark is on your left, in a grassy park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Witness the New and Improved
killzone in Groton CT. I think
that might be the first time I've seen
homemade pool coping. Do-it-yourself,
sometimes there just ain't no other way!
[Photo: Cindy Driscoll]

^ SHITEO: One of the first
video submissions we've ever received,
check this tailslider on the new stuff
[Submission: Sandy]

^ OLD PHOTO: This section
of the park didn't change much.
They just killed that flatness
and hooked the flow up
[Photo: Anonymous]

^ OLD PHOTO: See the flatbar
- to the left of the kid in the
yellow? That was original, they added
a bunch of stuff behind it... see photo
below [Photo: Anonymous]

^ Here's the same flatbar that's
in the image above, but this shot's
got all the new 2003 features in it
[Submission: Cindy Driscoll]

^ Ahhh yeah, crazy original lines!
[Photo: Cindy Driscoll]

^ OLD PHOTO: The features in the
background didn't change much, but most
of that empty asphalt in the lower right
has been replaced by all new sick trannie
[Photo: Anonymous]

^ OLD PHOTO: This part of the
bowl is original, but now it's part
of a bowl SECTION... good idea.
For a local wood bowl, check
out Gaps skatepark
in Milford CT. [Photo: Anonymous]

^ There you go... some insight into
how these concrete cream pies get
created! Good work, gentlemen.
[Submission: Bill Beaman]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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