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editor's note:
Woodbury Skatepark

* Outdoor: Asphalt / Wood / 'Crete
* Pay: $15 [Ha!]
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Burn, baby, burn!

Update: The following is a response from the park owner following our initial review:

"I have just read your review on my skate park [see below] and would like to respond. In the past 2 months, we have invested $75,000 on new improvements consisting of new asphalt, double rhythm section, numerous new ramps, quarter pipe, 4 ft new mini ramps all with ramp armour. We are now building a new indoor park [40 x 60 ft] underneath the new stage area. We are now open year round. Please come back and see our new improvements."

- Woodbury Ski Area: Nov '01

The following are highlights from one of the best submissions we've ever received. The story starts out like this...

Once upon a time, a bunch of old schoolers and pool foolers motivated for a skate mission and a day on the road. After an initial stop, they hit up Woodbury Ski Area's skatepark. For more on this story, we pass the mic to Bill Helene and John Babiarz for the low down:

"We made the best of things..."

"They had a vert ramp cut down to 8 ft, some weird Humpty Dumpty mini ramp type thing, a roof roll-in, a bunch of pyramids/boxes and a real mellow spine. The asphalt was chunky, with holes and weeds scattered about. Yes, the ramps were freshly resurfaced, but it was layered over beat up and dry rotten substructure. They shook when ridden."

"Now came the big disappointment - the bowl. You could see chunks of 'crete coming off from under the coping when it was ground... no vert, no waterfall, uneven trannies, fence post pipe coping that was stuck up 1 inch above the platform [forget roll-ins] and was hammer-bent to fit [you could actually see the dings and kinks in the pipe where it was hit!]."

"We came to the conclusion that the best way to improve this place is to gather up all the ramps, throw 'em into the bowl and light 'em on fire."

- John Barbiarz: Sep '01

Whoa! Nobody's stoked to hear that kind review about a park, but if it saves you a trip [or $15 American!], then these guys sacrificed prime riding time for a good cause! As always, we like to let the pictures speak for themselves - so have a look at the pics below. Thanks again to Bill and John for tellin' it like it is and better luck to you guys on your next session!

Directions: Coming from Hartford, take Interstate 84 west to exit 15 [Hwy 6]. Take Highway 6 north to Woodbury and then turn left onto Highway 47 [Washington Street]. Take Highway 47 four miles to Woodbury Ski Area. The skatepark is in the parking lot. For more information, contact the Woodbury resort at 203.263.2203.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Wide view of the
options at Woodbury
skatepark [Photo: J. Babiarz]

^ Vertwall and
speed ramp
[Photo: B. Helene]

^ "Unfortunately the
street course is
mostly useless."
[Photo: B. Helene]

^ Here's one of
their buddies
- Gary - killin'
a melon above
the spine...
[Photo: J. Babiarz]

^ One of the only successful
parts of the park - "Everyone
was having a good ole' time on
this ramp." [Photo: J. Babiarz]

^ "None of us, with a cumulative
total of over 50 years of skating
have ever seen such a horrible use
of concrete." - ouch!!!
[Photo: B. Helene]

^ Homeboy Lee pulling some
front side style on a real
long board. Also, that's the
8 ft ramp in the background.
Regarding that ramp, Bill said,
"The ramp is quite fun, but it
ain't gonna last too long.
'Whipped cream on shit,' as
they say." [Photo: J. Babiarz]

^ Here's a final look
at "$40k" worth of toilet
bowl [Photo: J. Babiarz]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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