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editor's note:
Pipe Dreams Skatepark

EXTINCT: As of the summer of '02, this park no longer exists...

"Pipe Dreams is no longer open... some kid busted his whole face open so they shut it down. There is a skatepark in Newport DE called 'Newport skatepark.'"

- Sk8rChic: Sep '02

Indoor insanity awaits you in Delaware at Pipe Dreams skatepark!

The pics below were sent in by the owner of the park - Eddie Mercer. I've never skated it, but it looks pretty good to me. You've got 7,000 sq. ft to get busy with [about the size of a typical public park]. There's plenty of mini-ramp action - which should help reduce collisions and accommodate more riders.

As always, we'd be stoked to get some user feedback from the locals on this place - so drop some knowledge on us!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The larger of two mini
ramps at the fine Pipe
skatepark. Looks
like you've got a burly transfer
opportunity from, or out to, the
street course - you know I like that!
[Photo: Pipe Dreams]

^ Street course action
[Photo: Pipe Dreams]

^ Cool vert wall
[Photo: Pipe Dreams]

^ This double-mini has a spine
[yes!] and a roller to the side
of the spine if you think the
coping is too scary!!! Personally,
I don't like to go fast or do
anything scary... [Photo: Pipe Dreams]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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