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editor's note:
St. Augustine

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: 'Crete in the heat

Okay, this is a sub-par review as far as pictures go - and we know it - but it's a good start. The official name for the St. Augustine park is the "Robert Laryn Skatepark," and as far as we can tell, it's an important park in the Florida skatepark scene. Hopefully this review will become more complete as we get more submissions.

"Hey. Just wanted to let you know that there is an awesome park in St. Augustine, FL. It's in Treaty Park and it was designed by Team Pain [407.366.9221]. The park is all concrete with nice variety of terrain, including a huge kidney bowl, loads of trannie, two boxes, two pyramids, two rails, and a kiddie area for 12 and under only. The park is great - you can pump around it for hours."

"The park is outfitted with lights, bleachers with shade, a little shop where you can rent pads, repair your board, or just hang out. The best part is that it is all free with only a helmet requirement."

- Andy Kientz: Dec '01

"Besides having a very functional street area, the park has a bowl that will entertain even the most hardcore vert skaters. It is a left-hand kidney that has 9 ft of trannie, with 1 1/2 ft of vert and a 5 1/2 ft shallow end."

- Team Pain

Directions: St. Augustine is about an hour south of Jacksonville. Take Interstate 95 to Route 207 east. Make a right onto Wildwood Drive. The skatepark is on the right in Treaty Park. The address is 1595 Wildwood Drive.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ This pic doesn't tell the
story of St. Augustine
very well - there's a lot more
to it than this - but it should
help you to understand that it's
big and concrete! [Photo: Andy Kientz]

^ Wicked!
[Photo: Team Pain]

^ I see some nice
hips and sweet
trannie... looks good!
[Photo: Andy Kientz]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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