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editor's note:
Bro Bowl

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie
* Rating: Bro rollers

"Lately I have been kinda bummed out on skating. It seems like every time I go out and skate I have to worry about some bullshit that shouldn't have anything to do with skating. Tickets, pads on every part of my body - I'm fucking sick of it. On a recent skate trip to Florida, I heard some talk of a bowl in Tampa that was 100% no stress... I knew I had to go."

"I rolled up to the Bro Bowl not really knowing what to expect. People kept telling me, 'don't go there at night, and never cruise there by yourself.' I had heard that this place was in the "ghetto," but I didn't really take it too seriously - I was due for a rude awakening."

"The Bro Bowl IS located in the heart of Tampa's housing projects. I walked through a lovely park filled with dead grass, little baggies, and small children throwing broken bottles at each other. I was there. I have to admit, my first impression of the bowl was that it SUCKED. I figured I would be over it in about two minutes. Three hours later I realized how wrong I was..."

"This is not the best skatepark in the world, but the people and the vibe make it one of the funnest. The random hips and bumps make for a weird ride that surprisingly has a lot of flow. If you get tired of skating the bowl itself, there is also a cool brick pyramid right next to it. Pretty much the only downside to the Bro Bowl is the area. Be careful and keep your eyes open, but if you happen to find yourself in Tampa, it's a solid pit stop."

- Ali Kermani: Apr'02

"Here's a great shot of the 'Bro Bowl' in Tampa. One of your boys (Ali?) was down here getting footage for a future update to the site. Thought you might like this pic, too. It shows the layout really good and it's just a cool pic."

- John Bennett: Apr'02

Directions: No! We're not trying to blow up any underground spots, so you'll have to find this one yourself. Heads up on the neighborhood... you've been warned.

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^ Fishing hole sprung a leak?
No no! Dis' here the
Bro Bowl! [Photo: Ali Kermani]

^ "The rider in the shot is
Shawn Lukitsch." [Photo: John

^ Yet another angle on those
bumps... looks like fun!
[Photo: Ali Kermani]

^ Ali says these bricks are fully
skateable... says these bricks have
a good part in the Shorty's film
"Oh My God." [Photo: Ali Kermani]

^ Ha ha... [Photo: Ali Kermani]

^ Watch that drain!
[Photo: Ali Kermani]

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