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editor's note:

* Indoor: 'Crete / Wood
* Pay: $16 for all day [$11 / session]
* Vert / Trannie / Street / Foam
* Rating: 2¢ on Central

We were down at another park in FL one day and some kid was giving us some hot tips on cool parks to check out. "You haven't heard of Central? Oh, you gotta skate Central." We'd have to agree - go skate this place!

Old school fans of the original SkateStreet in CA, we like our skate parks funky and on the dirty side. Your average layout gets old after a while and you've gotta go find some new lines to grind. Central is *not* typical and it will get you stoked the minute you walk in the door.

At 45,000 sq ft, the place is huge! They've got every kind of trannie that you could possibly fit in a warehouse: Mini ramps like a 3 and 6 ftr. They tore down half their vert ramp and turned it into a vertwall/kicker setup. In the back of the park, they have this "ridge" of ramps from wall to wall that goes from volcano style hits to traditional fun boxes to narrow wooden spines - a *zillion* lines over and around that thing. They've even got a foam pit for practice and general hucking nuttiness. The night we were there, they had the big hanger style doors wide open, and the skate session went to 12 midnight or whenever you run outta steam...

Built by the Team Pain crew [407.695.8215], this is a world class skatepark up there w/ the likes of Cali's Ollie House, Rhode Island's Skater's Island, or Florida's own Kona skatepark. There you have it, now go get yours!

Directions: Coming from Tampa, take the Interstate 275 west across the bay. Exit at Ulmerton Road and head west for about two miles. The skatepark will be on the right side. The address is 6140 Ulmerton Road. For more information call the park direct at 727.523.0785.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The sign for Central
skatepark is hard
to miss...

^ Somebody send
this kid's name -
sweet switch fs

^ Central artwork -
there's some good
stuff in there

^ TJ Vercauteren's
slides are as long
as his name

^ Dangerous skills
from Joe English...

^ Here's half of
the "ridge"...
totally creative
design on this one

^ This fun box
is at the other
half of the ridge -
that's TJ again
bustin' air time

^ Bowled corners and
marble ledges,
she's rough around
the edges, but
you won't be

^ It's beat up
[damn bikes!]
but it's still

^ Speaking of bikes,
Central *is* bike

^ Foam! I have to
warn you - rolling
around in this thing
when you're sweaty
isn't that fun

^ This is where
the other half of
the vert ramp used
to be...

^ They have a full
service shop too -
it's called Skate

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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