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editor's note:
Frank's Pool

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* "Free"
* Trannie
* Rating: "Welcome to Hell!"

I never met Frank. After talking w/ Big Jim Stowers about his poolrider movie, Plorida Fools, we planned to meet up in Jax during our Florida tour in April '01. Jim and his crew took us to two pools that day, and Frank's Pool was our first stop.

This is not your typical poverty stricken swimming pool turned skatezone. Frank's pool was build from the ground up [it's literally built above ground] with ripping in mind. It's a narrow peanut-shaped 6 ft model, w/ escalator sections and extra river rock built into the coping for added durability and smooth grinds thru the corners. It's got perfect shade in the afternoon, and you'll need it if you're gonna deal w/ the Florida heat.

The day we were there, the deck was packed. A mangy posse of neighborhood grommits were taking their licks and lickin' their wounds. Jim's crew was in full effect, with on-site demos from Jimbo himself, wrecking-ball rides from Scott, Truckstop Magazine's Lep was hanging on, and English Joe was quietly enduring the 90+ degrees. Still, no Frank - he was down at the tattoo shop, as usual.

We'll have more from these dudes in another review [John's "dog shit" Pool - coming soon!]. For now, much respect to the pack from Jax - it was a rowdy good time. Thanks again.

Directions: Wanna skate this pool? Guess you better start kissin' Frank's ass, huh?

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^ Jim Stowers showing you
some backside in Frank's Pool

^ Rockin' the deep end

^ SHITEO: Here's
Scott again in this

^ Half the crew
from the afternoon

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