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editor's note:
North Port

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Team Pain-ful

We've been talking to Tim Payne and his notorious crew of park-building banditos [Team Pain - 407.695.8215] for a while now. When we scheduled out first ever trip to Florida, Linda Payne kicked down a couple of recommendations, including the fine North Port skatepark - thanks Linda!

Wow... looks *real* fun. At 15,000 sq ft, it's a toned-down and teched-up version of Cali's Ripon skatepark [also a Team Pain production]. Big features, vert sections, a crazy bowl w/ a couple of blast worthy hips, flyouts... ewwwwweeee, she's a winner!

Only real drawbacks [besides Florida's sticky-hot weather] are the Pentagon influenced rules and regulations. Yes, pads are mandatory. Yes, the park monitor enforces that rule. Yes, there's a big fence and limited skate hours. Yes, the police live right across the street in case you need a beating, etc. And finally, yes, if you're under 18, you will have to drag your mommy down there to do the whole waiver-rooni bullshit. They haven't begun random drug testing or DNA sampling yet, but I hear they're working on it...

I *am* being sarcastic on those last two points, but these regulations are f**king crazy! It's easier for a kid to buy a hand gun than to push some wood around a park!?! Just let the kids skate!!!

Directions: Coming from Sarasota take Interstate 75 south to North Port. Exit at River road and head south. Make a left [east] onto Highway 41, and take another left [north] on North Port Boulevard. There should be a police station on your right, and just past the "Pork-Store," on the left, is the skatepark!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ If you can get thru
the red-tape and other
ridiculous hassles, North
looks like a great time!

^ Arial overview
of some rockin'

^ Gap ollie -
plenty of flat
bank surfaces

^ Big volcano /
roller to keep
the speed or break
the neck - depends
on the day...

^ TJ Profetto w/
the butter skills

^ TJ again on an
indi flyout

^ Stinking badges
*must* be worn at
all times or they
drag your ass across
the street and
throw you in the

^ Thought you might
want another look
at that bowl. You
smell speed lines? I

^ "It's not your
skatepark, it's
*ours*! We'll
open it when we
feel like it..."

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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