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editor's note:
Oviedo Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Pay: $12 a sesh [weak!]
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "KICK ASS Job!"

"My name is Mike and I've lived in Oviedo FL for 16 yrs and change. Finally, after much deliberation they built us a skatepark. Bout fucking time, man... but all that waiting was worth it."

"The park was designed/built by the legends at Team Pain [407.366.9221] and they did a KICK ASS job. Hips that flow freely throughout the park, positioned perfectly so you can get speed hitting up the pyramid or whatever flips your skirt. The park is 31,000 sq ft of nothing but pure American-grade concrete...that's right. Everyone that lives here says that it is one of the best pools they ever skated and the street course is no different... hell of a good layout."

- Michael Hunter: Aug '03

Full pads required if you're under 18 - helmet only if you're over 18. Bring a big pile of cash [$12] and call ahead to avoid hassles - 407.977.6081 - session times are wack at a PUBLIC park.

"Hey, this Jesse from Team Pain. Once again, Team Pain has created an amazing place to skate. You can't get enough of this place."

"So many things to skate... like, if your feelin' hesh you can skate the pool. After carving and slashin' you can hit the big flow course. Lots of hips and a spine. The coping switches from pool block (on all extensions) to steel coping throughout."

"If your feelin' a little fresh then roll right into the street course. There are so many lines and hits - step-ups, manual pads, big four stair, 2 different size hubbas, even a china bank with granite benches you can hit or go over."

- Jesse: Oct '03
  Team Pain

Directions: Oviedo is just north of Orlando. To get there from Tampa [for instance], take highway 4 east, then the 528 east toward Orlando, then the 417 north to Oviedo. Exit Red Bug Lake Rd and head right [east]. As you cross the 426 the road becomes Mitchell Hammock Rd. You'll continue east across Alafaya, and then you'll make a right [south] on Lockwood Rd. The skatepark is at 1608 Lockwood.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The park is Oviedo and
the skating is BIG COUNTRY!!!
[Photo: Team Pain]

^ Here's Jay pokin' out
[Photo: Team Pain]

^ "Right hand kidney - 4 ft in the
shallow / 8 ft in the deep...
has a foot of vert with a deathbox."
[Photos / Comments: Jesse - Team Pain]

^ Second "pool" opens to flow
[Photo: Team Pain]

^ Concrete waves complete w/ lights for long nights!
[Photo: Team Pain]

^ Ryan likes it
[Photo: Team Pain]

^ Street love
[Photo: Team Pain]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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