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editor's note:
The Park

* Indoor: Wood / Crete
* Pay: ???
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Where Phat is where it's at!

"While I was out in Florida for the Tampa Pro contest this year, I decided to drive over to Orlando one night to check out the new Vans park that they built out there. When I was getting directions, I learned that there was a little city on the way - called Kissimmee - that had a park in it. I decide to stop by and check it out."

"Due to some strange directions from a local hooker, I did not find the park until just before it was closing. Between the long drive, the directions from the hooker, and the fact that the park was about to close, I was pretty pissed off. When I walked into the park, that all changed."

"I went into the pro shop to ask if it was cool if I took some pics of their park. It was there that I met Eric and Brian, two of the coolest heads in all of Florida. As soon as I started explaining to them that I was from SKATEparkLIST.com they were all about it. Not only did they leave the park open a little later so that I could take some pics and skate it, but they also hooked me up with some much needed grip tape. I stayed there for a while, just shooting the shit and watching some locals tear the place up."

"If you are considering a trip to Florida, I suggest a skate break at the PHAT CITY skate park in Kissimmee. In addition to having TWO warehouses FILLED with clean ramps and a great setup, they also have some of the nicest people working there that you will ever meet. While you are there, be sure to say what up to Eric and Brian, and spend some money in their shop!"

"Oh yeah... if you can, go around the corner to the gas station and pay your respects to the cross-eyed hooker that doesn't know the difference between a SKATEPARK and a rollerskating rink!"

- Ali Kermani: Aug 02

Directions: Phat City is in Kissimmee, just south of Orlando in Central FL. From Orlando, take I-4 south to the Florida Turnpike. Take the Turnpike south to route 530 west. 530 might also be called 192 at some point, and locally it'll be called Vine St. When you get to Kissimmee, and you cross highway 92, get ready to make a left [south] on N. Central Ave. The park is located at 819 N. Central Ave. For more info, call the park direct at 407.932.3333.

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^ One of several fun boxes
at Phat City skatepark
[Photo: Ali Kermani]

^ Flat bar on
another box
[Photo: Ali Kermani]

^ Kicker to bank
[Photo: Ali Kermani]

^ Wall rider
[Photo: Ali Kermani]

^ Spine-tingling miniramp
[Photo: Ali Kermani]

^ Board snapper? No problem.
They're fully stocked...
[Photo: Ali Kermani]

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