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editor's note:
Pompano Indoor Skatepark

* Indoor: Wood / 'Crete
* Pay: ???
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: We're here to "Pomp" you up!

Thanks to the submissions from park staff and the Bondi family, we're proud to bring you this review of the Pompano Indoor Skatepark.

"Can you add a new park to your list? It's in Florida and it's called Pompano Indoor Skatepark. Thanks for your help. Happy New Year!!!"

- Tony Bondi: Dec 31, 01

"I am the park pro and manager at Pompano. Originally called "Flow Skateboard Park," we've reopened and we're better than ever. We have the best indoor park south of Tampa. We are having our first contest Jan '02. It is called the "Big Money Skate Jam" with $500 bucks for the best trick."

- Bill Zimmer: Jan '02

"The park is 24,000 sq ft. Main course is 19,000 sq ft. We have a huge 3/4 bowl section across from a 15 1/2 ft vert wall with a door gap, fun box, hips, 5 ft mini ramp, qp's, roll-ins and a pyramid with a flat rail. The small course is 2,600 sq ft. The park has a pro shop, video games, and snacks."

- Mike Unger: Jan '02

Directions: Pompano is about thirty minutes north of Miami via the freeway. Coming from Miami, take Interstate 95 north to exit 35a [Copans Rd] and head west. Make a left onto Blount Road, and the skatepark is on the left. The address is 2171 Blount Road. For more info call the park direct at 954.979.7966.

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[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Wide view of the
Pompano Indoor Skatepark
[Photo: Pompano]

^ Spine shot from
the "small" course
[Photo: Pompano]

"Joey is sponsored
by Pompano."
[Photo: Tony Bondi]

^ Wall o' ramps
[Photo: Pompano]

^ Another panoramic
[Photo: Pompano]

^ "This is Joey
Bondi at age 6."
[Photo: Tony Bondi]

^ Blunt to fakie
[Photo: Pompano]

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