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* In/Outdoor: 'Crete / Wood
* Pay: $8 max for a long sesh
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Hit the Spot

This place needs no introduction... world famous for back-to-back competitions of the Tampa AM and PRO in the spring each year, the Skatepark of Tampa [aka SPoT] is fairly legendary. See any of the "loop" footage from 2001... that was outdoors at the SPoT.

Having seen buckets of videos on this park, I was surprised that the [indoor] course was so small and simple. Not too small, it's cool and all that, just not as big as we imagined - but that's what this damn site is for, to show what places *actually* look like. You're looking at a standard "street" style course, w/ the emphasis on two fun box things in between walls of ramps on either side. The ramps have flyout/trannie opps, the boxes are flat banks w/ rails...

One feature worth mentioning is the increasingly rare full-vert ramp. Seems big vert is going the way of the dinosaur in FL, with many parks ditching the 10+ monster in favor of other options. Personally, I'd prefer a crazy bowl/snake run to the back-n-forth action on vert any day. However, w/ two other vert ramps demo-ed in the area, this is one of the last places to spin that 900!!! I'd guess that they'll keep vert alive at the SPoT, if for no other reason than to ensure that that part of their competition keeps hoppin'...

Other features of the park include an arcade and full-bore pro shop. Every private park ought to have a shop... you ever break a king pin mid-way thru a session? Well I have and it sucks! In-park shops kick ass.

Last comment: Board riders don't have to wear pads!!! Crazy, but we got nothing but support for fewer rules across the board [no pun intended]. However, bikes [yes, bikes are allowed at certain times] and blades *do* have to wear helmets?!? Whatever... SPL is down for boards, so it sounds good to us.

Directions: Coming from the south to Tampa take Interstate75 north to Interstate 4 west. Take Exit 2 [40th Street] and make a right [north] onto 40th Street. Take the first right [east] onto Columbus Drive [one way street]. The skatepark is a 1/4 mile down on the right. The address is 4215 East Columbus Drive. For more information call the park direct at 813.621.6793.

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^ Sign of the times,
Skatepark of Tampa

^ Somewhere around
this part of the
park, Rick McCrank
did a crazy alli-oop
to rock on the *side*
of a ramp and reverted
into the trannie...
Just about the best
trick I've ever seen.
Check out Oh My God
to see it yourself

^ Big trannie in
this corner

^ Larger of the 2
fun boxes...

^ Back-n-forth on the
old vertical

^ Chopped that guy's
head right off!

^ Frontwall o' ramps

^ Pop-pop off the
smaller of the two

^ This is where you get
to show them your $$$

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