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editor's note:
St Pete Skatepark

* Outdoor: Metal / Tennis Court
* Pay: $4
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Beat up and Hand-me-down

After months of heckling from the locals, we made our first trip to Florida. That was back in Apr '01. I seemed to recall that St. Pete's skatepark was pretty beat up, but the pics below don't look as bad as I remember it - I think it's just hard to see how rugged that place is from these shots.

You know how parks that allow bikes tend to look totally uninviting? Not all bike-friendly parks, but a lot of those kinds of parks have haggard transitions, shoddy construction, dangerous hostile coping... smooth as a pocket full of razor blades - know what I'm sayin'? While the St Pete skatepark doesn't allow bikes, it was that kind of park. I'm sure you can ride boards there in some capacity, but in this age of quality parks, St. Pete was too rough around the edges to score any applause from over here.

In this part of Florida, I'd really recommend Central in Clearwater. Now that's a good park. It'll cost you a bit more, but that place was totally fun. You've also got the SPOT in Tampa. Northport is a really excellent park [built by the Team Pain crew], but you'll have to deal w/ the overzealous monitors and waiver wavers [if you're under 18 you'll need your mommy to sign off before you can ride - and that policy is bullshit!].

Directions: Coming from Tampa, take Highway 92 west across the bay. Continue on the 92 as it bends south, the highway then becomes 4th Street. Take 4th St. to 30th Avenue and turn right [west], followed by a left onto 6th Street [south]. Make a left [east] onto 39th Avenue, headed toward the Coquina Key. Then make a left onto Popano Drive, and take it all the way to Coquina Key Playground. The skatepark is in the playground.

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^ Honestly, these pics make
St Pete look better than
it is...

^ I love miniramps,
and this design
would be so much fun
if these ramps weren't
so jenky

^ Evening sessions...

^ This sign will
point you to the

^ Another reminder that
quantity is not the same
thing as *quality*.

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