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editor's note:
Oeslner YMCA

* Outdoor: Wood / 'Crete
* Pay: ??? [3 hr sessions]
* Pools! / Trannie / Street
* Rating: "It's fun to play at the Y-M-C-A"

Oeslner YMCA - what can we say, we've never been there! Lucky for you, we *do* have some solid submissions from the park, thanks to the folks at home.

Peep the pics below, but without having skated this place, I think you're looking at one of the best pool lovers' parks ever. Not one, but three pools [!], that's crazy. Then you've got that street course... I'm a sucker for a good mini ramp and they've got one of those. Next time we're in Florida, we're gonna have to stop by for a quick grind and slide.

Directions: From Interstate 95 in West Palm Beach, take Forest Hill Blvd east. Make a left [south] onto Congress. The skatepark is less than 1/4 mile down the road on the left. The address is 2085 S. Congress Avenue. For more information call the park direct at 561.433.4226.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Street course at Oeslner YMCA
[Submission: Carl Beatty]

^ Bang! [Submission: Paul Sakoff]

^ That's a lot of pools
[Submission: Carl Beatty]

^ Paul tells us
that this pic is
supposed to look
like this... skate
art, right on.
[Submission: Paul

^ Foreground - corner
hit. Background -
kickflip. [Submission:
Paul Sakoff]

^ Scoring big points w/
Etnies - double
logos in this
photo opp [Submission:
Paul Sakoff]

^ This pic really
feels like Florida
[Submission: Paul Sakoff]

^ Juicy kidney pool
[Submission: Carl Beatty]

^ Looks like a big
squared off pool
with a channel to
roll into - big
vert meets pool coping
[Submission: Carl Beatty]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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