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editor's note:
Wicked Grinds Skatepark

* Indoor: 'Crete / Wood / ???
* Pay: $5.50 per HOUR
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Southern Lines

We know less than nothing about this place, but we do have pics, so here goes... sneak peak - Wicked Grinds skatepark in Alpharetta GA.

"We finished up the park we were working on in Alpharetta on Saturday, and it turned out great. If you are ever close to Atlanta, it is definitely worth checking out."

- Jeremy Stump: Sep '01

"I wanted to give you some additional information about Wicked Grind skatepark. Features include a 6 ft bowl, a wide 3 ft mini [with extensions], a 'kiddie' course, mini-pyramid [w/ a tiny rail], a good wallride [10 ft high w/ coping on top], pump bumps, flybox [w/ rail], a long grindbox [14-15 ft], ledges, bankramps, quarterpipes, etc. Full pads required."

- Canis: Nov '01

By the way, Jeremy Stump's company - SubUrban Rails [740.593.8145] - does a really good job. While we haven't been to Wicked, we did ride Rampage in MA and it was great for it's size. They know good coping, flow, trannie, etc. - that's more than I can say for a lot of builders. I think you can expect some great rides from them in parks to come.

Directions: Right about now we'd normally hit you up w/ some directions, but we don't have any! As soon as we get the info, it'll be right here. Got directions? Hit us up!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ That's the bowl
at Wicked Grinds
in the background,
and the white ramps
are part of a mini
ramp that connects to
the ramps in the
pic to the right *-->
[Photo: Jeremy Stump]

^ That's a GREAT
looking miniramp.
You've got trannie
and flow, but you've
also got shit to go
off on in the middle.
[Photo: Jeremy Stump]

^ "All the ramps have
this recycled-plastic
stuff on top. Very fast
and smooth. But yes,
it's kinda slick. Have to
pay attention all the
time, or you'll end up
on your ass" - Canis.
[Photo: Jeremy Stump]

^ Oh now you've
done it... look
at that bowl!
Urrgh - good sessions
ripe for the taking.
[Photo: Jeremy Stump]

^ Got pics?

^ Bowled corners, a
fat banger hit,
a tombstone
extension... makes
me want to make a
trip to Georgia.
[Photo: Jeremy Stump]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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