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editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Better than Blueballs park...

Mid-way thru our '00 Summer Tour we rode out of UT like a bat outta hell. Crossing the border into Idaho, we made our way to Blackfoot's fine little concrete contribution to the skatepark craze.

Just up I-15 from Pocatello [that's the local big city up there], Blackfoot's park is really pretty good. It's got the height limitation [nothing over 4 1/2 ft] that a lot of parks suffer from, but it's big enough to hold a decent sized crowd and still allow for a little flow... good job guys.

Talking w/ one of the local skatepark enthusiasts, rumor has it that this is one of those grass-roots efforts by the locals. The city kicked down the land and the rest of the resources had to be bootstrapped - cash kicked down from local businesses, labor donated by skaters and supporters... that kind of thing.

Update: Apr'01 - We got a little feedback from Randy Fisher. He skated the park last summer and had this to say:

"...big, but the surface is not the slippery smooth concrete, it's brushed."

Doesn't sound like too big a deal, but we're always down for the information...

Options... let's see. Not a lot of opportunity in eastern ID that we know of. We hear you've got little parks in Idaho Falls and Rupert. We shot the parks in Hailey, Jerome [we'll post someday] and Ketchum. To the south in UT you've got a decent park in Brigham and a great park in Ogden. Beyond that, you've got to get yourself to Boise for some nice rides like Lucky88 and Fort Boise.

Directions: From Pocatello head north to Blackfoot. Exit Bergener Blvd [exit #93] heading east. Head left [north] on Parkway Dr toward the lake. The park is next to the lake on the left [west] side of Parkway.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The town of Blackfoot was
named after a kid that tried a 20
stair ollie to flat and jacked his heel..
[I think we all know that story was bullshit...]

^ Funny-fun, fun box

^ Pretty fitty-fitty

^ Street action from
the other direction

^ Okay, yes, we did lose this
guy's name. And yes, the shot
sucks. But the mini-to-mini melon
transfer was clever like Mike Meyers!
[Check that mini to spine to mini
set up... nice! Or as we say in
Quake-talk, "n1!" "Ty," replies
the mini

^ I like colliding w/
8 yr olds as much
as the next guy,
but sometimes a
kiddie section is

^ Soft-edged flowy,
pool thing

^ Street detail

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