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editor's note:
Lucky 88

EXTINCT: As of Jul'01 this park no longer exists... Thanks to Scott Meissner for the update!

The Boise, ID, area has a surprisingly nice collection of skateparks. Leading the charge is a big ole' warehouse stuffed w/ transition called Lucky88.

The SK8parkLIST crew stopped by Lucky88 soon after the park had opened for business some time in September '00. The ramps were so brand-spankin' new you could eat off of them. Not only was the park "pretty," but the design was solid and it looks well built too. The terrain is divided into little pockets, which is smart, and should help keep the collisions to a minimum. One of the best features at this park is the "kiddie" area upstairs. You may not want to ride it, but you should be stoked that at least some of the grommits are seshing up there. That'll save you from having to dodge 7-year butt-boarders wearing Pokemon t-shirts.

After a little research we discovered that this park was built by Vertical Productions Industries [VPI]. These are the same guys that built Real Ride in UT, as well as tons of other parks including the X-Games and Gravity Games courses. You may not care about the builder's resume, but if you're thinking of making the drive, this might help convince you that the trannies are going to work, etc. Props out to VPI, it's a sweet park!

We talked to the park owner, Darren Wells, just before we wrote this review. He says things are rockin'. Since there's snow on the ground this time of year [Jan'00] the park is getting plenty of attention from the local villians. He also said that they've made a few changes to the park since we we're there, including increasing the height of the vert wall and reducing the width of some of the decks. We told him we didn't have any action shots, so hopefully some of the locals will kick down the submissions soon.

The park has a few special times worth mentioning. Every Wednesday they have an "After School Special" from 3:30-6:30 for $2 off regular admission. Bike friendly, Lucky88 is open to bikers on Tuesday nights. Finally, Monday and Wednesday nights are "Old Men Only" sessions for the +18 crowd for just $4 [we bet "mature" riders of the fairer sex are welcome also]. For more info on sessions, etc. you can call them direct: 208.672.0372

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Welcome to Lucky88
[check that vert
ramp in the left corner]

^ Scott Meissner busting an
indi off of the kicker
[Photo: Tony Tsai]

^ Front wall-o-ramps

^ This roll-in
feeds you speed
for the fun

^ Close up on
that f-box

^ Overview of the
middle of the park

^ Upstairs you got
the kiddie section

^ One corner of
the park has a
nice medium-sized

^ Nice mini backed
up to the vert ramp

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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